Argument leads to shooting at Apple Store in Atlanta’s Lenox Square Mall

An argument resulted in a person being shot inside Lenox Mall at the Apple Store on Friday afternoon, Atlanta police say.

The new Apple Retail Store in Atlanta's Lenox Square Mall
The new Apple Retail Store in Atlanta’s Lenox Square Mall

FOX 5 Atlanta:

The shooting was reported around 3:03 p.m. at the Apple store inside the mall. Officers confirmed to FOX 5 that a male was found with a gunshot wound to his rear. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Investigators say the victim was involved in an argument with a group of male suspects. One of the suspects shot the victim, then took off in what appeared to be a Blue Chrysler Pacifica with Georgia tag: CML8659.

Authorities detained one suspect. That person was being interviewed by investigators.

This is the third violent incident to happen at Lenox Square in the last two months and the fourth shooting to take place in or around the mall in the last year.

MacDailyNews Take: An new Apple Store, replacing the old Apple Lenox Square, is set to open today, November 20th at 11:00 a.m. ET in the Lenox Square Mall.


      1. I agree that the ethnicity/sex of the people involved is not relevant.

        But with the media this should work both ways. The MSM is quick to identify a “white male” shooter but avoid ethnic/sexual identification if non white/male. Bigotry is on both sides, media/political correctness just on one side.

        “The suspect, described as a White male”

        In both cases the ethnicity has nothing to do with the act of violence. We should judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

        1. The media generally describe shooters as white for one of two reasons: (1) there are indications that the shooting was racially motivated, in which case the ethnicity of the shooter and victim—whether black or white—is highly relevant, or (2) where there is public speculation that the shooter is a black gangsta or Muslim terrorist and responsible journalism requires correcting the misinformation.

          The Atlanta media are particularly sensitive to throwing accusations around prior to the filing of public charges after the Richard Jewell fiasco that got a bunch of them sued.

            1. Other than a blatantly racist assumption, why do you think that there are “violent blacks” involved in this shooting? The police have apparently not released that information and I assume you were not there.

            2. Not all white men are fascist idiots. That would be a racist comment.
              Based on your comments though, you reveal the “content of you character”.

            1. When the shooter belongs to a white nationalist organization or has racist social media posts, the victim is a person of color, and there is no other apparent motive for the shooting, those are indications that the shooting was racially motivated. Pretending otherwise would be righty weasel words. According to the Federal Government and the various organizations that track such things, there are far more violent incidents from that direction than from the various alternatives. Those who deny that the problem exists are a part of the problem.

              One symptom of the problem is the assumption we are all making without evidence that these shooters were Black (and, yes, I include myself). That attitude leads to fear and fear leads to unjustified self defense claims.

            1. He also ran for re-election by telling “suburban housewives” that nappy-headed criminals were going to move into their neighborhoods, absent a Trump policy to keep them in the ghettos where they belonged.

        2. I could not agree more #include.

          Your post perfectly illustrates the racist and hypocrisy daily ways of the Democrats and the Democrat media at large attacking whites and not the same treatment for everyone else.

          Race and gender should no longer matter in the USA. We all have the same constitutional rights, laws are in place to protect EVERYONE and God created us all EQUAL. We see diversity daily everywhere on TV, movies, advertising, internet, et al.

          The media and police reporting need to abandon the CANCER of political correctness. Coddling BLM and Antifa is also wrong. Only reporting white male is RACIST. Period!…

          1. I assume you never read John Howard Griffin’s *Black Like Me.” You might want to repeat his experiment by putting on blackface and driving slowly past a police officer in a white residential area to see whether race matters. Or try renting a house in that same neighborhood. Or… the list goes on.

            We are making a lot of progress on race in America. These are not the 1870s or the 1950s, but there is more to go. We will never get there unless we acknowledge that there is a problem, just as we can never solve climate change or COVID-19 by minimizing those problems.

            I am happy that Apple is among the companies contributing to the solutions rather than denying the problems.

            1. Oh give this crap a rest. You’ve swallowed the “poor black man” line and sinker. I don’t have to put on black face. I’ve never had these problems and you’d be surprised how many other black people admit to never having such problems when pushed. YOU, TX, ARE THE RACIST and you’re too darn stupid to know it.

        3. The suspect is already detained, and I’m sure going through due process. Race is irrelevant all the way around. It’s not need to describe the suspect. They have the suspect.

          When formally charged, I’m certain all will be revealed.

          1. Danox, what is it with the ease with which you repeatedly throw out this extremely derogatory and misguided quip?

            Of all posters here, I think you earn the award of the “Most Befuddling.” You are startlingly consistent with this sentiment and it will, or should, frame everything you post. It displays the fact that a bright mind isn’t everything.

            Do you get back to Zinc very often to recharge your mindset?

    1. Because he has only been detained and is being interviewed. He has not been arrested or charged with a crime. Even if he had been, he would still be entitled to the presumption of innocence. Georgia stopped lynching criminal defendants around 1946.

      1. In Clash of the Titans, Zeus says “Release the Kraken,” and it is promptly defeated (frozen into stone) by Perseus. Few memes have ever been more ill-conceived.

    2. A word of advice based on real world experience… don’t leave an Apple store with your purchase in an Apple branded bag. If you see five or six guys hanging in a group on the sidewalk near the exit, don’t walk near them.

    3. I find it interesting that no one on the political Right can admit that the proliferation of guns in America leads to…”cymbal crash!”…increases in gun crime. The correlations are clear. The experiences in the rest of the world are clear. And, yet, the paranoid right is convinced that only more firearms will recent a government takeover of democracy.

      Guess what, the Trumpist Right is pursuing just such a takeover in defiance of our cherished democratic heritage and in violation of the Constitution that righties claim to defend. What utter hypocrisy from the Right. It boggles the mind that you are able to post coherent sentences given up such cognitive dissonance,

      I am told that I am supposed to avoid insult you idiots (and not call you idiots) so that you will have a chance to eventually recognize the error of your ways. But I have had enough…get out of the frigging way, idiots!

      1. It is a proven fact that everywhere there is strict gun control in the country there is high violence and everywhere there is little gun control there is low violence. How stupid to you need to be to want more gun control?

        1. Correlation is not causation. Ever consider that the causality might be working the other way around—low crime jurisdictions don’t see any need for limiting access to deadly weapons? Or there might be some other independent variable, or the apparent correlation may just be coincidence.

          1. TxLiar a Libtard that is like all the rest of his ilk. Total denial of Second Amendment right of citizens to bear arms reaffirmed by the Supreme Court a few years ago.

            So let us amuse ourselves with the same stupid tedious arguments the Left has not given up on for decades.

            All the wasted verbiage TxLiar and KingMe cannot do a single particle at the end of the day to change the Second Amendment. They are reduced to sniveling leftist crybabies with ridiculous opinions and that will not change.

            As a lifetime member of the NRA and concealed carry good citizen practicing my constitutional rights, I could not care less. No wonder Democrats are caricatured in editorial cartoons as CLOWNS…

            1. Right, “affirmed by the Supreme Court a few years ago” after 219 years affirming something else entirely. I didn’t change the Second Amendment. Liberals didn’t change the Second Amendment. Democrats didn’t change the Second Amendment. A bunch of unelected federal judges decided one day just ten years ago that the Second Amendment no longer protected the states from federal interference, but instead gave those same unelected federal judges complete control over state policy. If you have so little respect for American federalism, no wonder you support the notion of Texas filing suit to overturn an election in Pennsylvania.

      2. KingMel – You missed the fundamental point on the Second Amendment. It is a right NOT given by man, hence NOT one that government is allowed to take away. You can yap all day long, and lament that we have weapons in the hands of individuals, but that is all it is. lamentation. So get over it and then you will be able to think clearly, and realize that criminals are the issue, not weapons.

        1. Where in the Bible, or in classical, medieval or early modern political philosophy, did anybody ever suggest that there was a natural right to keep or bear deadly weapons? Lots of historical states had very tight restrictions on who could own or carry edged weapons and nobody that I know of ever raised a natural law argument against them. To the contrary, the argument was more often made that divine and natural law had ordained some men to have power, and the means to exercise it, while others were ordained to be subjects.

          While it could be argued that the Bill of Rights was intended to protect rights, not create them, it is pretty clear that the main thrust of the Second Amendment was to protect the right of the states to regulate their own militias without interference from the Federal Government.

          It cannot have been intended to limit the states’ power to regulate guns because the Bill of Rights did not limit any state action until the Fourteenth Amendment was adopted decades later. Even after that, most states and cities had gun laws—the 1881 gunfight at the OK Corral was triggered when the Earps tried to arrest the Clantons for carrying sidearms in violation of a Tombstone local ordinance.

          Nobody dreamed that an amendment designed to keep the Federal legislature and executive from interfering with state jurisdiction over its organized and unorganized militia could possibly give the Federal judiciary that exact power. For 208 years, not a single Federal judge asserted that power. The Constitution was “reinterpreted” by judicial activists legislating from the bench in McDonald v. City of Chicago in 2010. Yes, this “natural right” was only recognized ten years ago.

          1. “ it is pretty clear that the main thrust of the Second Amendment was to protect the right of the states to regulate their own militias without interference from the Federal Government.”

            At the the Constitution was written a militia had nothing to do with the state.

            Your stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

            1. I understand just fine. You have been duped by a gun manufacturers lobby group masquerading as a nonprofit promoting gun safety, that is “nonprofit” by virtue of its officers skimming off millions for themselves.


              You clearly do not understand history when you read back a “constitutional principle” (that unelected federal judges can infringe the states’ right to regulate their own militia) from its creation in 2010 to a natural right that already existed before the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791.

            1. Don’t argue with me. Argue with 208 years of historical practice supported by 208 years of judicial precedent. Like every other lawyer licensed before 2010, I attended a law school that taught what the law actually was, not what the NRA hoped it might one day be.

            2. Enlighten my mental darkness. Rather than simply asserting that there is some divine or natural right to bear arms free of state regulation, provide actual evidence that anybody recognized such a right when the Second Amendment was adopted.

            3. Hal, I understand that it is not true. In colonial times, every able-bodied man was by law a member of his colony’s militia. After 1776, they were members of the state militia. The militia had everything to do with the state, since they were the state’s military forces. Most of the men under arms during the Revolutionary War were serving as members of their state’s organized militia, not directly under the Continental Congress.

              Those who were not currently serving in the organized militia were nonetheless members of their state’s unorganized militia. Again, this was not a private army or armed gang, but the official reserves for the state military forces. They were subject to call into the organized militia at any time, so every man in the state was under the military authority of the state government. While not on active duty, they were free to get together in groups like the Minutemen for training, but that service was at the sufferance of the colonial or state authorities.

              Keeping sound discipline in a well-regulated militia was so necessary to the security of a free state that the Federal Government was constitutionally forbidden to interfere by infringing the right of the state militias to keep and bear arms. The early states sometimes regulated the militia by requiring them to own and maintain firearms that complied with state standards, and not to use nonstandard weapons while on active duty. Most of the states regulated the carrying of arms by persons not on active government service. Since the Second Amendment only limited the Federal Government (until 2010), the states were free to pass whatever rules to regulate the militia (including all the armed men in the state) as they saw fit.

              I know that you prefer your revisionist history, but “alternate facts” are just lies.

            4. Non tl;dr version—It is a mystery how a constitutional provision that was interpreted for 208 years as an absolute prohibition on federal interference with state regulation of its armed citizens has in the last 10 years become a license for federal judges to interfere with those same state regulations.

            5. Your tall tall is a wild twist that could only be fantasized by someone who gratulated at the bottom of his law school class. Did you go to a libturd college by chance??????

              Thanks for the laugh

            6. Actually, I placed in the top 1% on the Bar Examination in the notoriously non-libturd State of Texas after graduating near the top of my class at a very large and very conservative law school. What are your credentials for making up “history?”

              There are no liberal facts or conservative facts, only facts. The definition of the Texas militia as an official state institution including every adult resident has been on the statute books of this state since it was a Republic. Similar laws exist in the U. S. Code and in every state that has not repealed them in the last century. Militias are not private armies; those are illegal. They are the organized armed citizenry of the state, and should be governed exclusively by the state, not by unelected federal judges.

      1. Certainly prevalent in Democrat cities where rioting and looting took place for months a good citizen has to protect oneself from extreme leftist destructive Democrats and others.

        I carry my concealed Glock just about everywhere respecting local law of course, but certainly realize crime occurs all over and no political party is immune.

        Since SJW liberal bonehead Tim Cook removed the handgun emoji and replaced it with a green squirt gun — he put Apple as a a non defender of Second Amendment rights. Wonder if he travels with armed guards…

    1. Exactly.

      Just because it happened outside the Apple Store in the parking lot it MDN posts this? It very likely had absolutely nothing to do with the Apple Store or any thing sold or supported by Apple.

      1. Why wouldn’t Apple push back. They don’t want to be held responsible if some rouge vendor hires forced labor.
        No different than how we don’t hold a company responsible when a rogue employee says something stupid on Twitter.

      2. That’s pretty shocking on the surface. From the limited substance I found, Apple is talking on both sides…wants to water the down the bill, but “abhor forced labor and support the goals of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.”

        The influence of Wall St and earnings is so acute, CEOs “can’t” really call out the persecution of people as what it is; barbaric, tyrannical and unacceptably authoritarian. Cook is an eager leader in supporting a cause of inequity and abuse that’s close to his own being, but shirks and shrinks with numerous like-situations in China. Talk about living a contradiction.

        It would be a head-turning moment of inspiration for someone like Cook to put a definitive line in the sand. It’s so sad we are all concerned about “our” stock price and the serious hit it would take. I include myself with this materialistic concern.

      3. MDN came through. 👍🏻

        I just love the BLATANT HYPOCRISY of the Washington Post motto: “Democracy dies in the darkness.”

        Apparently, WP is OK with President Trump’s re-election dying in the darkness! 🤔

        Voter fraud of epic proportions in five battleground states and big cities controlled by Democrats and not a PEEP!!! The only accountability we have as good citizens is if they do not report on voter fraud, shut down support of biased liberal media only interested in THEIR party’s selfish outcomes.

        WP Article:

        “in recent years, the Chinese government has been cracking down on Muslims, aided by advanced surveillance technology, such as artificial intelligence and facial recognition, a digital iron grip that has overwhelmed the population.”

        And Apple is still doing business in this country?

        “What Apple would like is we all just sit and talk and not have any real consequences,” said Cathy Feingold, director of the international department for the AFL-CIO, which has supported the bill.”

        Exactly what Apple and other Democrats have done for over 50 years. TALK and do NOTHING.

        As Apple spokesman and Cook mouth words of shock and support for human rights — their actions speak louder than words. The word is — nothing.

        For a liberal SJW company to continue to do business in repressive China for the sake of the almighty dollar is absolutely SHAMEFUL!

        Pull out Apple 100% to other Democratic nations is the only reasonable course of action to preserve dignity and human rights…

  1. you could just as easily ask how are the various articles in support of trump, a criminal and con man now attempting to steal an election and undermine democracy, tech news.

      1. Yup, treason trials meaning that someone is attempting to overthrow government….at least its institutions. Since only one person seems to be doing that, I will assume you dislike Trump and are happy that the person responsible for the collapse of the American empire will get punished for it?

    1. One might also expect MDN to play fair and similarly laud every positive economic recovery sign, Wall St movements, reducing the COVID-19 stupidity that will kill over 300k by Christmas and mental health improvements – that will happen under Biden and give Biden and the Democrats their full vocal support?
      If that were to happen, I along with many other former posters would likely return and ensure the site’s continuation.
      Oh…and the racist overtones of the right-leaning posters in this thread are pretty sickening.
      How about it MDN?

  2. “Oh…and the racist overtones of the right-leaning posters in this thread are pretty sickening.”

    You are stuck repeating a FALSE Democrat talking point over and over. I personally find the posts here from the right are far more reasoned and factual.

    On the contrary, I find the left-leaning posts sickening and far less factual.

    Reading your posts over time, I certainly don’t expect you get religion overnight and realize the FALSE negative stereotypes you persist in posting…

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