Marissa Mayer is back with Sunshine, a consumer apps start-up

Sunshine, co-founded by Marissa Mayer and Enrique Muñoz Torres, launched its first app, Sunshine Contacts. Available on iOS by invitation, Sunshine Contacts automatically organizes and improves iPhone contacts, making it easier to find and share information in an efficient way.

“We’re incredibly proud to introduce Sunshine to the world today,” said Marissa Mayer, Sunshine co-founder and CEO, in a statement. “The essential technologies that help us stay connected to those who matter most are antiquated. They’ve been around forever and we all see them as ‘good enough,’ despite their outsized impact on our interactions and relationships. At Sunshine, we believe there’s an immense opportunity to make the mundane magical. It’s been an extremely challenging and rewarding problem to tackle and we’re just getting started.”

Sunshine CEO Marissa Mayer (photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
Sunshine CEO Marissa Mayer (photo by Brigitte Lacombe)

Sunshine develops and applies artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to automate practical, everyday tasks. Sunshine’s goal is to create technology that will make mundane tasks effortless and thoughtful gestures second nature. Sunshine reduces the friction of keeping up with personal and professional relationships so people can spend time more meaningfully.

Sunshine Contacts
Sunshine Contacts

Staying in Touch with Sunshine Contacts

As the foundational app in Sunshine’s planned suite of services, Sunshine Contacts understands relationships between people. Sunshine will build on those insights to solve more of the problems that modern technology has yet to elegantly solve, such as organizing events, group communication, and remembering birthdays.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, Sunshine Contacts draws from multiple sources to ensure a person’s contact list is in one place, always complete, and always up-to-date. The main benefits of Sunshine Contacts are:

• Organized contacts. Download the app and immediately see a more organized contact list, with correct spelling and duplicates removed.

• Complete and comprehensive. Sunshine Contacts pulls information from a person’s iPhone, online address books, and email to create a thorough list with updated phone numbers, emails, addresses, and professional details. The app automatically and seamlessly updates outdated info.

• Smart sharing. With permission, the app uses colocation and proximity detection data to better understand relationships and ease information sharing.

• Thoughtful touches. When reaching out to the contact, Sunshine Contacts gives context for the relationship, highlighting the most recent correspondence.

“The idea of ‘sunshine’ elicits happiness – just as our company and the products we’ll build intend to do,” said Enrique Muñoz Torres, Sunshine co-founder and President, in a statement. “Our goal is to give people intuitive insights to help them strengthen their relationships, improve how they spend their time, and make it easier to stay in touch. As first-time founders, we’re excited about the team we’ve built to help accomplish this and we look forward to addressing more everyday problems.”

MacDailyNews Take: Hello, Sunshine!

You can find out more Sunshine Contacts (free, by invitation only for now) via Apple’s App Store here.


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  1. This app does absolutely zero things I need, want, or am interested in. Developers like this really need to stop thinking the rest of the world operates or will ever operate like the Bay. Yawn. Might be great internally around the Valley, I could really care less.

  2. So, once she is done destroying the Yahoo now on her way to kill another tech company.. By all accounts from the lot of folks in the know who have worked with her, she is preposterously incompetent…..

  3. “Out of the goodness of our hearts we’ve created an app to help you organize your Contacts” . . . Coming from Marissa Mayer, one of the architects of Google, the biggest data mining organization in the history of the world, one needs to view this company with skepticism, and question what is the underlying ‘business model’ behind collecting peoples contacts . . . I grew up in the Catholic Church and I was a Boy Scout, so I’ve already experienced two organizations that project “good things” but underneath harbor a network of ill intentions.

  4. She’s starting a social network you don’t even know you’re part of.

    Apple really should have done this years ago.One little check box on your Contacts app (“keep my details up to date on my friends’ phones”) and a function that surfaces the Contacts cards of people in physical proximity to you and who have contacted you recently via and app, and… Boom.

    Apple has the largest social network.

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