Apple’s MacBook sales blossomed 39% in Q320

Apple’s MacBook sales surged 39% in Q320, according to Strategy Analytics’ latest report. Overall, the personal computer industry picked up pace last quarter as the world moves on to new options of remote working, education and digitalisation, driving 34% year-on-year shipment growth.

With standard storage starting at 256GB all the way up to 1TB, 13-inch MacBook Pro users can store even more photos, videos, and files.
With standard storage starting at 256GB all the way up to 1TB, 13-inch MacBook Pro users can store even more photos, videos, and files.

The full report from Strategy Analytics’ Connected Computing Devices (CCD) service, Preliminary Global Notebook PC Shipments and Market Share: Q3 2020 Results can be found here.

Chirag Upadhyay, Senior Research Analyst said in a statement, “The third quarter would have been even more productive for some vendors if they were able to deliver more devices to meet high demand. Supply will remain a key concern as demand is expected to stay high amid rising COVID-19 infections around the world as the Northern Hemisphere enters a very difficult winter. With the pandemic still lingering across the globe, consumers have started their purchases before the holiday season to prepare for the new ‘normal’ of working and studying from home.”

Eric Smith, Director – Connected Computing added, “Chromebook delivered strong growth in both commercial and consumer segments as the operating system remained the favourite option for schools and students in developed markets. Meanwhile, the Gaming and Ultramobile segments performed very well as consumers spent more money on notebooks being used for multiple tasks (entertainment and productivity) for an extended period of time.”

Strategy Analytics: Global Notebook PC Shipments Q320

Strategy Analytics: Global Notebook PC Shipments by OS Q320

Source: Strategy Analytics, Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s MacBook sales simply confirm once again what we’ve found to be the case in daily life: Only about 10% of people you meet are actually intelligent.

One in ten. That’s it.

Good luck with the other nine. It’s God’s cruel joke.


  1. Meanwhile, this is likely because people were holding back because of Apple’s unreliable butterfly keyboards. I had to send back a 2018 MacBook Air three times and ended-up taking a refund and going back to by 2013 Air.

  2. The keyboard issue is a big deal to a small but highly vocal and visible bubble of complainers on the Internet. I’ve yet to have someone outside of the Internet, in real life, complain to me about the keyboard. The #1 complaint I get is price. The temporary boost I see is most likely due to people buying new computers and upgrading to work from home. Due to the lockdown.

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