Whither Apple AirTags, AirPods Studio, Fitness+?

Some things we expect from Apple, but have yet to see, include Apple AirTags, AirPods Studio, Fitness+, a next-gen Apple TV, and more.

Apple Fitness+ is the first fitness experience built for Apple Watch and will be available later this year.
Apple Fitness+ is the first fitness experience built for Apple Watch and will be available “later this year.”

Michael Potuck for 9to5Mac:

There are a number of compelling Apple products still in the wings…

Back in April of 2019, 9to5Mac exclusively reported that Apple was working on a Tile-like tracking device… It’s been a long road to see AirTags arrive and the November event came and went without a launch. This may be a case of Apple seeing unexpected delays… Time will tell but we could see this brand new Apple product launch before long…

In April, Bloomberg reported that [AirPods Studio] will come with swappable magnetic earpads and headband and should launch sometime this year… In October [Jon] Prosser said that AirPods Studio were facing a “major hiccup” in production and that it would be “December AT BEST” before the launch. He also claimed that “key features have now been cut.” Bloomberg followed up shortly after corroborating that the production was delayed due to an issue with the headband…

We found clues early this year about a new Apple TV that could have an A12 or A13 chip as well as a new remote… Whenever we do see the next-gen Apple TV, a price drop could go a long way in Apple making up ground on competitors…

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, we have quite a lot to look forward to from Apple this year and into 2021.

We certainly expect Fitness+ to debut soon and, as Apple One Premier subscribers, we can’t wait to try it.

Will AirTags make it here in 2020? It seems doubtful as they’re something new that would benefit from exposition at an event rather than just a press release. Perhaps Apple will wait to hold a March event that features AirTags, AirPods Studio, and/or the next-gen Apple TV?


  1. I agree with MDN here they will want an early New Year event and there is precious little to include beyond these products that we can anticipate, so I expect these and something additional most like will be in an event around then.

  2. “Whither” is not a fancy word for “where,” it means “where to,” so “whither Airtags” is short for “where are Airtags going?”

    Whither = where to? — “whither are you coming?”
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    Before you use a word, look it up.

  3. My wife and I were looking forward to Apple Fitness as part of the Apple One Premier plan. Unfortunately, we couldn’t purchase One because Apple can’t make it work with users with 2 Apple ID’s. We each have the original one with all of our music and media purchases and the more recent Apple ID for iCloud, etc. The lady at apple said “you can use your (more recent) Apple ID but you will have to purchase all of your songs again”. WTF?
    I believe there are a lot of us early adopters who have 2 apple IDs. A trillion dollar company should be able to make this work…

    1. Been an issue for years.. Same ole same ole.. BS on Family sharing.. Apple screwed my up horribly with that crap so be careful the comment below…. Family sharing was a freakin’ nightmare. Apple needs to get off their as_ and let people change their Apple Id’s..

      1. I had much luck with it initially, but after Apple Music and their free three months of Hell much of my library was screwed. They even tagged some of the stuff I ripped as Apple after the trial expired and it wouldn’t play anymore.

        Before that I had songs in different formats of AAC, MP3, ALAC and AIFF. Bitperfect played on my iMac for use with an external DAC/amp (Peachtree Audio Nova). Then Apple Music converted much to 256k. Yay!

        After that I went to Audirvana and then on the Roon, separating all my CD rips and HiRez downloads to another drive and using Match to keep iTunes 256k separate just for portables.

        Yes, Apple is a hot mess when it comes to music. For (semi-)serious audiophiles it is all but useless.

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