CNET reviews Apple’s HomePod mini: ‘Will sell like hotcakes’

The initial reviews for Apple’s HomePod mini are strong. Apple in mid-October unveiled HomePod mini, the newest addition to the HomePod family that delivers impressive sound, the intelligence of Siri to get things done, and a smart home experience that offers comfort and convenience without complexity.

HomePod mini, the newest addition to the HomePod family, stands at 3.3 inches tall and offers impressive sound, the intelligence of Siri, and smart home capabilities.
HomePod mini is the newest addition to the HomePod family and offers impressive sound, the intelligence of Siri, and smart home capabilities.

At just 3.3 inches tall, HomePod mini is packed with innovative technologies and advanced software that together enable computational audio to deliver breakthrough audio quality wherever it is placed. HomePod mini will be available in white and space gray at a great price of just $99.

Molly Price for CNET:

If you like Apple — and if Siri is your smart assistant of choice and HomeKit is your preferred smart home hub — you’re going to love Apple’s newest smart speaker. If you’re already living with an iPhone, Apple TV or original HomePod the Mini makes sense as your next small smart speaker…

The HomePod Mini is good-looking. It’s adorably apple-shaped and predictably sleek. It fits the Apple aesthetic and at 3.3 inches, the HomePod Mini is so small it hides itself easily on your bookshelf, desk or kitchen counter…

Apple packed a lot of audio power into a small speaker. It’s loud enough to fill a room with sound. Bass, mids and treble are all distinct and easy to detect. Compared to the latest Echo Dot and Nest Mini, the HomePod Mini is clearer and less distorted… The HomePod Mini hits the sweet spot. It does a good job of balancing audio. You still get plenty of bass without sacrificing clarity. I even found myself noticing parts in songs I hadn’t noticed before thanks to its clear sound separation…

If you’re an Apple fan, you’re going to love this $99 smart speaker. It’s as cheap as Apple products will likely ever be. It sounds great, looks good and delivers the smart speaker functionality we’ve all come to expect… If you have an iPhone and an Apple TV, it’s a no brainer to go the HomePod Mini route for setting up your smart home.

MacDailyNews Take: Imagine if Apple had released HomePod mini alongside HomePod back in February 2018.


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