Apple News offers special coverage of the 2020 presidential election

Apple offers special coverage of the 2020 US presidential election, curated by Apple News and featuring reliable news, information and data throughout the election from dozens of news sources.

Apple News offers special coverage of the 2020 presidential election
Apple News offers special coverage of the 2020 presidential election

Apple News 2020 election coverage is among the most comprehensive resources available, with reporting and analysis from ABC News, CBS News, CNN, FiveThirtyEight, Fox News, NBC News, ProPublica, Reuters, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, TIME, USA Today, and others.

Live election results data from the Associated Press for each state primary, providing county-by-county results, a national map tracking candidate wins by state and a delegate tracker detailing candidates’ progress toward securing the nomination.

The special 2020 election coverage is available to Apple News users in the U.S. in the “Election 2020” section of the News app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


  1. While its totally understandable that we would like election results tonight, I want to remind everyone that it is quite possible we might not know the results for days or even weeks.

    Election night has always been just a prediction, and this year it might be much harder to predict than in years past.

    During the primaries, states on average took 4 days to count mail in ballots, and in the case of Georgia it took 10 days. It’s expected that it could take even longer during the general election because of an increase of mail in voting.

    Stay safe and sane, and most of all patient.

    1. You’re watching too much (meaning one second at least) of CNNMSDNC.

      Many Dems, horribly misled by the corrupt MSM, are going to require medical and mental health assistance later today when Trump’s win becomes obvious. The sheer magnitude of the President’s win may trigger a collective stroke for those on the left.

      America wins today!

      1. Check Federal Law. The vote counts don’t have to be into the federal government until 8 December.

        Well, the rules are a bit muddy as to whether Congress can get directly involved between 8 December and14 December when the electoral college actually votes. So in some interpretations of the rules, the vote counts within each state “final” until 14 December.

        Every state gets to make up its own rules as to when voting counts are “final” up to those federal dates.
        It is very possible
        Unless there is a blowout one way or the othe (and no one respectable is claiming a blowout either way)r,I expect a repeat of 2000.

        we may not know until 8 December or later.

    2. Your guy needs PA. Under local law, they couldn’t even open the thousands (up to ⅔ of the total) of mailin envelopes until this morning and they can’t start counting until 8 tonight. Those results aren’t arriving until at least tomorrow.

      He also needs MI. Same thing there, except that some of the state is in Central Time. Those results aren’t happening tonight, either.

      Be patient.

      1. “He also needs MI”

        President Trump didn’t need PA or MI four years ago. Why do you think he needs them tonight?

        “The Big Guy” needs PA and MI more than Trump and “The Big Guy” isn’t going to get them.

  2. Why is Apple News tallying the totally irrelevant popular vote? That meaningless number is analogous to tallying the number of total runs scored in the World Series. It has no meaning. Does anyone out there know the runs scored count of the last World Series (does anyone know who played in the World Series?)

    1. Apple make the BEST products but some of their minds – like Al Bore’s – are pure leftist skum. The disturbing tendency for big tech to be big leftists is…. disturbing. Really disturbing. Vader level disturbing. If I can’t trust Apple to be a freedom-loving, business-supporting capitalist organisation, how can I truly trust their privacy promises? Fire Al Gore immediately for a start, that guy is an ecological DISASTER, a truly terrible person.

    2. The popular vote is “relevant” for post election whining…as seen in the last 4 years by the D’s (Discontents). The group has issues accepting things like the law per the electoral count and, therefore defaults to this unofficial measure. It’s like a pacifier…it serves to comfort, but in reality, it does nothing. Whah.

      1. The popular vote is not meaningless. It is relevant to the question of the long-term consequences of having a significant majority of the American population subjected to policies with which they vehemently disagree, administered by a government the majority voted against and intensely distrusts. Every constitutional republic, even those that do not purport to be democracies, depends on the consent of the governed. There has to be a broad acceptance of the government as legitimate.

        The propensity of a minority party to use lawsuits, gerrymandering, and restrictions on voting to keep the majority from exercising political power in proportion to its numbers is no more sustainable in the long run for America than it was for South Africa.

        1. PS. This is not the first time this has come up in American history. The Civil War’s immediate trigger was the clear message sent by the 1860 election that 6 million white Southerners were no longer going to be setting national policy for the other 25 million American residents. The losers defied the majority… and we know how that came out!

        2. Your ridiculous tedious arguments are totally IRRELEVANT.


          So, cry all you want FAKE Republican TxLoser…

          1. No, the People of the United States of America rule. I don’t question the existence of the Electoral College. I AM questioning whether a shrinking minority can continue to shove its policy choices down the throats of a growing majority who find those policies repugnant. The Republican Party has only polled a plurality of the voting public in one presidential election since 1988, yet it has set the agenda for 16 of those 32 years (more when you count years when a Republican Congress blocked a Democratic President). That cannot continue indefinitely. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

    3. @Vlad
      I know you are upset that your hero keeps losing the popular vote by Americans. Don’t worry, someday he will win one of those. Oh wait, he won’t . . . ever!

    1. Look what I can do Mel….

      The arrogant left-wing nutcases on this forum are driving people to the right. You are your own worst enemies.


      If you think one version of the two statements is absolutely true verses the other, you are clearly the arrogant. I have a feeling you do.

  3. So where is First 2016, Then 2020? Obviously the wind had been sucked out of his sails. Question is, is he going to start falsely claiming fraud? Or accept the reality that America wants Trump less than Sleepy Joe?

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