U.S. Senator Ted Cruz: Big tech companies like Google are ‘drunk on power’

“Big tech has made a conscious decision they don’t want to be the town square anymore or protect your free speech rights, or my free speech rights. Instead, big tech is, I believe, drunk on power. They are getting more brazen.” — U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) via Yahoo Finance’s The First Trade.

Google breakup. Image: Google logo

Brian Sozzi for yahoo Finance:

Cruz voiced displeasure over recent actions by Facebook and Twitter to stop the spread of a damaging New York Post story on the son of Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

Facebook reportedly sent the story to third-party fact checkers and limited the spread of the story on the platform. Twitter went onto mark the New York Post story link as “potentially unsafe” and blocked it. [The New York Post‘s Twitter account remains blocked by Twitter since October 14th.]

The New York Post has the fourth highest circulation of any newspaper in America and yet big tech says we will silence you, you’re not allowed to report on a topic that would be damaging to Joe Biden because we Silicon Valley want to defeat Donald Trump. It is nakedly partisan and so, of course, Congress should not be subsidizing their efforts to monopolize free speech and silence the voices of Americans,” Cruz added.

MacDailyNews Take: Any “Big Tech” story that does not include Apple is fine by us. The real problem companies of the four “Big Tech” corporations are Alphabet/Google and Facebook. (Twitter has its own problems, many of its own making, including not even being “Big Tech.”)


  1. Apple certainly isn’t blameless and they are getting more brazen under Cook’s SJW “leadership” as well:

      1. Really Ted? Drunk on power? Any GOP senator is PUBLICALLY drunk on power and should be fined accordingly. Lindsay (Hank the Pisstank) Graham leading the pub song while Ted is busy sucking up to you know who.

  2. What would Mr. Cruz be saying if Google was marking as “unsafe” the 2016 Trump tweets blaming the Senator’s father for the Kennedy assasination? A private company has no duty to disseminate untrue statements. The Government does have a duty not to force a private party into publishing pro-government propaganda that the private party opposes. If Mr. Cruz cannot understand that the United States is not Cuba, he should ask his father how “free speech” worked there.

      1. I believe that the First Amendment is exactly on topic and totally relevant. Policing “bias in media” is precisely what the Constitution says the Government cannot do.

      2. A hypothesis is that from the truth of which, if assumed, a conclusion can be established. Nor are the geometer’s(Tx) hypotheses false, as some have said: I mean those who say that ’you should not make use of what is false, and yet the geometer falsely calls the line which he has drawn a foot long when it is not, or straight when it is not straight.’ The geometer bases no conclusion on the particular line which he has drawn being that which he has described, but (he refers to) what is illustrated by the figures. Further, the postulate and every hypothesis are either universal or particular statements; definitions(yours) are neither” (because the subject is of equal extent with what is predicated of it).
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  3. Whatever happened to “free market” republicans who opposed any government interference with business? They defend big tobacco and the BP oil spill, but show them fact checking news and they are suddenly all for a government department of truth.

    If Fox can have a political agenda, why can’t Google?

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