Apple TV+ might be the next big thing

Is Apple TV+ about to crash the Netflix and Disney party? Disney+, launched late last year, is making quite a splash, quickly topping 60 million subscribers worldwide. Apple TV+ started out at a slower pace, but things have been picking up as of late.

A 10-episode second season for “Ted Lasso” is set to debut next year.
A 10-episode second season for “Ted Lasso” is set to debut next year, exclusively on Apple TV+.

Rick Munarriz for The Motley Fool:

t’s widely assumed that Netflix is going to stay on top for at least a few more years (if not longer), but Disney is closing the gap despite being around for all of 11 months. This will probably be an unpopular opinion, but what if Apple is the next big thing? Yes, Apple TV+ launched a few days before Disney+, and like anything that isn’t Disney+, it failed to hit the ground running. But it’s the home of a new cult hit series in Ted Lasso, and is now taking over the next three months of your family traditions as the exclusive home of the iconic Charlie Brown holiday specials, so you’re probably going to give Apple a second chance.

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is now streaming exclusively on Apple TV+. This is the first time in more than five decades that the Peanuts-fueled Halloween classic won’t air on network TV… Apple will also be the exclusive home of the popular Thanksgiving and Christmas Peanuts specials in the coming weeks… This is a great score for Apple TV+, and the world’s most valuable company by market cap is doing something brilliant here. The three seasonal specials will always be available for on-demand streaming on the platform, but for a few days around each holiday, it will make the content available to non-subscribers at no cost.

MacDailyNews Take: On Rotten Tomatoes, Season 1 of Ted Lasso scores an audience score of 98%. That’s exactly what Apple TV+ needs. Season 2 can’t debut soon enough (and Jason Sudeikis should be in line for quite the raise). Hits, strong word of mouth, and, at some level, awards drive subscribers to services.


  1. We (wife and I) started with The F-bomb Show… errrrrrttt, The Morning Show. Writers need to get a bit more creative with the language other than F-this or that, but outside of that word being used like “ummm” it’s an amazingly well done drama.

    As for Ted Lasso. I just discovered it about a month ago. Again, it’s British an a Soccer club, so yeah, the F-bombs again are there, but Teds not on the level with everyone else. He has a sweetness to him, and honest and built-in integrity to him, and that’s great to see. The character elevates the show over the team’s cess pool of characters and he’s slowly lifting them up. And it can be very funny once getting to know the characters.

    If Apple TV+ were to launch a movie once per quarter on the level of Greyhound, Apple will get continued subscribers over and over and over, while building a solid catalog.

    Apple’s partnership with VIACOM/CBS is also smart. However, I like how Apple is cherry picking back catalog stuff like Charlie Brown, rather than go all in with a network that has a few good shows, but a ton of garbage. Apple continues to maintain discipline in striving for quality over quantity and that’s a good thing.

    If Apple cain maintain $4.99 and continue to pick up subscribers, they’ll be able to couple it with their bundles in a big way, and that’s how they win overall. $4.99 is just the hook. Over time, anyone with a $9.99 Apple Music subscription will likely connect the dots and buy a bundle. And that’s where Apple wins – as well as the customers wallet.

    1. I was also surprised, The Morning Show is actually very good. It held my attention like the Crown did on Netflix, which is a good thing.

      Also good: The Banker, Greyhound, Defending Jacob, Beastie Boys Story.

      Not so much: Central Park (trying to hard to be a hip Dilbert mixed with Family Guy meets Cosby show), Helpsters (what it once to see what I mean).

  2. There are 9 shows and movies on TV+ that I have really enjoyed this past year starting with the Morning Show and, most recently, Boys State. Not sure if Mythic Quest is going to make my list – its not as good as Silicon Valley but maybe it will develop. Are 9 programs in one year enough content to keep me happy for another year for $5, especially if it’s part of Apple One? Probably if I think of it as another option to HBO, which I get for free from ATT. I would like to see the pace of new releases quicken a little and maybe have 15-20 programs that I really enjoy in a year – a little less than 2 a month.

    Going to be a long time before TV+ displaces Netflix. 5 seasons of Lucifer with tons of episodes is tough to beat. The depth and breath of Netflix is a competitive advantage.

  3. Yea I’ll be cancelling it once I have to pay. Their “subscription” numbers so far are bs because most people are not paying, they are using free subscription times, which keep getting extended, likely because Apple knows no one would pay for their service.

    The vast majority of Apple TV + shows are intolerable woke’fests. They have like 2.5 shows that are tolerable and decent.

  4. A year ago I couldn’t have imagined I’d be saying this. i was excited for AppleTV+ but recognized it’s significant limitations at launch. Now, AppleTV has already surpassed Disney in my mind.

    The Disney back catalogue is great, but I realized I’m not going to go back to watch The Parent Trap again, and I’ve seen all the Marvel movies twice. The rest of it is so-so.

    Will I stay with Disney+ to catch the Mandalorian each year? Probably. As long as they don’t raise the price. But that’s all they have as far as I’m concerned.

    Apple, on the other hand, keeps cranking out top-quality shows across a wide range of genres. I haven’t given Ted Lasso a try, but with all of the good reviews, I’ll have to.

  5. I would think AppleTV+ could get any shows and movies that Netflix gets if Apple were willing to pay the price for that content. It would be nice if Apple had more science documentary content. I also enjoy watching subtitled foreign movies and dramas even if they’re older content.

  6. AppleTV+ is just another value-add for the ecosystem. Apple could afford to give it away, which they virtually are. For Apple to win, Netflix and Disney+ don’t have to lose.

  7. Yay, Ted Lasso. I have now watched it 3 times and will start a 4th. I don’t think I have ever seen so many character transformation arcs in a single movies or television. Wow! I had to force my wife to watch and after two she was totally hooked. 🙂

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