Apple brings 5G to iPhone, the most powerful smartphones ever, but keeps the same price tags

Apple is bringing 5G capabilities to its entire lineup of new iPhones, the most powerful smartphones ever, but is keeping the starting prices the same as last year’s iPhones.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini introduce powerful new innovations and a beautiful design to the world’s best smartphone.
iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini introduce powerful new innovations and a beautiful design to the world’s best smartphone.

Emily Bary for MarketWatch:

All four of Apple’s new phones will work with sub-6G 5G, while U.S. phones will be compatible with millimeter-wave 5G… The phones also run on Apple’s A14 Bionic chip, which the company said is the fastest chip in a smartphone.

Apple maintained the pricing strategy it installed last year, with its lowest-priced new iPhone starting at $699, and its two Pro models starting at $999 and $1,099 apiece. The lowest price belongs to the first edition of the “iPhone Mini,” which is similar in overall size to Apple’s iPhone SE but with a larger screen.

Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max feature three cameras meant to deliver better photography capabilities… The 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro will start at $999 for 128 gigabytes of storage, while the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max will begin at $1,099.

The company will stop including headphones and chargers in the box with new phones, a move that the company said would help reduce its environmental impact, though it also helps Apple reduce its own costs.

MacDailyNews Take: Is anyone really bothered by the lack of cheap corded EarPods and/or power adapter in the iPhone box?


  1. Personally don’t care that there are no corded headphones, but that’s just me. The power adapter would bother me more if I didn’t have a bunch, but for a new user, as long as they can get one for free with their new iPhone then no problem.

  2. As a matter of fact, yes. An extra charger is always useful and I don’t have an in the ear Bluetooth or lighting headphones. My over the ear Bluetooth Bose headphones are just too big for on the go use.

    For over $1000, I kinda expected both a charger and headphones. Maybe give the option of “opting out”.

  3. Look, the amount of time that Apple spent on the MagSafe wireless charging part of the video you can see that they laid the groundwork for the next iPhone to be port less. Getting rid of the charger and ear buds is just a way for Apple to get people used to the idea. Had Apple gone port less and not given you ear buds or any charger, people would just totally killed them. “How dare Apple make all of my chargers totally worthless.”
    I, personally liked having the fast chargers that Apple included with the Pro models.

  4. Do I care about the lack of headphones and charger? Actually, yes, I do care because I agree with Apple that including them at this point would be a waste of resources and a waste of money for a majority of buyers. Those that need them can get them for $5 at 7-11. Why should millions of others pay to have them sit in a drawer or get sent straight to the dump?

  5. I can’t remember the last time I actually used the wired earbuds or charger brick that come with a new iPhone. Apple has rightly made the calculation that most folks don’t need them and that they just end up in the landfill.

    Apple has dropped the price of wired earbuds and it’s 20 Watt USB-C charger to $19 for each item. That way, if someone needs them, they can be had for cheap. Well done Apple…

  6. “keeps the same price tags”

    Yes, but Apple saves costs guessing in the millions by including less for the same price. No longer includes EarPods, charger and making the packaging smaller contributes to Apple’s bottom line. Very good for Apple, but not as good for customers…

      1. iPhone gets incremental updates in new chips, storage and speed bumps, plus better cameras every year for over a decade, YAWN, nothing new there.

        What’s new this year is what’s missing for the FIRST TIME outlined above. What part do you not understand?…

  7. I have a bunch of adapter blocks all over the house, but – here is my problem – all of the adapter blocks I have are USB. The new cable is USB-C. I have zero adapter blocks that are USB-C. Hell, the electrical outlet I changed in the kitchen to have USB is also USB, not USB-C. So, I need to get a new adapter block, or replace my electrical outlet. At work, it’s not an issue. I have an Anker Wireless Charger Stand that I absolutely love.

  8. The new iPhones come with a USB Type-C connector to Lightning connector cable. Most people out there do NOT have chargers with USB Type-C connectors–even many of those long time iPhone customers.

    Who does this impact most? People thinking about switching from non Apple phones to iPhones. This is a major stumbling block for them. They haven’t been in the Apple fold for years and have a half dozen headphones and charging blocks (even then virtually all those legacy charging blocks are USB Type-A connector based not USB Type-C connector based so won’t work with the included cable).

    So Apple pushes this demographic (which is already price sensitive or they’d likely have been getting iPhones all along) to spend another $38 or more to get headphones and charging block.

    Paraphrasing what another said above, this might be great for Apple (better margins), but is not great for Apple’s customers — especially new adopters. Back in the old days (50s, 60s, hell even the 70s) this was called “nickel and diming the customer” and was very much frowned upon by consumers. Today, it seems as though it is just part of doing business.

  9. I was excited for this event, but came away really disappointed by Apple.
    These are NOT the same prices. Currently $699 gets you a full-size iPhone 11. That model goes to $799 with the 12. Sliding in at $699 is the much, much smaller Mini. I like and want a smaller, lighter phone, but I’m not the norm. The Mini is essentially a niche product and should have come in at $599 or $649.

    Leaving the wired headphones out is OK (but they should include the 3.5 adapter), but providing no power source when the supplied cable has switched to USB-C is just shitty. It screams corporate cost-cutting. Remember the very first iPhone? It came with a well-made freakin DOCK, included in the box. It was priced as a premium product (but still $100 less than the iPhone mini) and it was packaged as one as well.

    That said, anyone at all interested in photography would be foolish not to spend $200 more and get a new Pro. You get the 52 mm focal length camera plus native support for RAW files and Night Mode portraits.

  10. If at lunchtime you bought a hot dog in a bun from a hotdog vendor yesterday and then you buy a hotdog from the hotdog vendor today and it came without a bun, but you pay the same price. I guess you can say that you are getting the “hotdog” at the same price. Even though you thought a bun might have been implied and having one would be nice, but I’m sure you’ll have some sort of bread at home. Still to accomodate your purchase by buying a hotdog bun to complete your ensemble, means you spents more today then you did yesterday. So no, they are not the same price.

  11. I don’t think I have ever used the free in ear headphones – as they are just terrible. However, to not ship a charger – esp. when they give you a usb-c to lightning cable – that seems a little daft.

    Only since the IPad Pro 3rd gen has there been usb-c on devices – so its still a relatively new type. I dont see why they dont just customise the phone experiencing as they do when you purchase the Apple Watch.

    Sure you want the new Phone – OK do you need a charge Y/N – if No, discount the price of the charger from the Phone. Do you need the cabled headphones Y/N – if No, discount the price of the headphones from the Phone.

    And why include the cable when if under the same logic people will have these things laying about?? It just seems a little ill thought out – albeit well intentioned.

    At the end of the day I am paying a premium price for a premium product. If you don’t include standard items in the package – then don’t charge the same price.

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