Apple’s rumored ‘mini’ iPhone could be a blockbuster

Apple could have a big league winner in its upcoming iPhone portfolio if the rumor of a “mini” iPhone comes to, uh… fruition.

Apple's expected 5.4-inch 'iPhone 12' will be the smallest iPhone in years
Apple’s expected 5.4-inch ‘iPhone 12’ will be the smallest iPhone in years (image:

Harsh Chauhan for The Motley Fool:

Apple’s launch of the new iPhone SE earlier this year at a starting price of $399 turned out to be yet another smart move by the company. Canalys estimates that the device was a key contributor to a 10% jump in Apple’s smartphone shipments in the U.S. in the second quarter…

Consumers are probably looking for lower-priced devices in the wake of the economic havoc wreaked by the [COVID-19] pandemic — and Apple took advantage of this opportunity with its new iPhone SE.

It wouldn’t be a good idea to rule out the possibility of a 5.4-inch iPhone “mini,” a device that is expected to be priced at $649 — $50 lower than the starting price of last year’s iPhone 11… an iPhone “mini” is expected to pack new tech such as 5G and an OLED display at an aggressive price point, a combination that could help make Apple a top 5G stock thanks to the transition to a new smartphone generation.

MacDailyNews Take: 5.4-inches is too small for us (we know that already from our 5.8-inch iPhones, so we want 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max units ASAP), but, at the right price, the 5.4-inch “iPhone 12” could certainly sell like hotcakes!


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