Building a better mask: Apple’s Reusable Face Mask for retail employees

Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger has gotten his hands on an official Apple Reusable Face Mask for the company’s retail employees to use amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple Face Mask (image via
Apple Reusable Face Mask (image via

Lewis Hilsenteger via YouTube:

MacDailyNews Take: Of course, Apple’s mask is better; after all, it’s not hard to improve upon your average face mask; they’re garbage design.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TJ” for the heads up.]


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  2. This Lewis guy is real skumm – he openly promoted a blatant copy of a Kickstarter product – took the money, refused to acknowledge he played his part in promoting criminals – refused to take his video down. The guy is a real skumm, I’ve lost ALL respect for this thiefffe and kriminall a-whole.

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  3. The mask is a possible indication of the steps taken to open stores again. At some point I can see Apple adding the basic mask to their product line because people will be happy to buy one – they look a lot better than the cheap versions, and would probably have a strong demand.

  4. One does not have to sterilize a mask before wearing. Just making sure COVID is not on the mask. Decontaminating a mask fromCOVID before wearing is childishly simple….don’t wear it for 24 hours. poof…no Virus.

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