Apple becomes first U.S. company with $2 trillion market value

Apple today hit a market value of $2 trillion, doubling in valuation in just over two years.

Apple, the first publicly traded U.S. company to reach a $1 trillion market cap, is now the first publicly traded U.S. company to reach a $2 trillion market cap.

Apple first reached a $1 trillion market cap on August 2, 2018.

On July 31, 2020, Apple surpassed the state oil giant Saudi Aramco to become the world’s most valuable publicly traded company.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, Apple and AAPL shareholders! Onward and upward!

Steve Jobs


    1. 3T by December seems a little hopeful. It took 2 yrs to climb from 1 to 2T.
      Maybe spring ‘21, with 5G iPh virus and econ settling.

      Not that it really matters…just a curious pondering.

      Gold and or BTC for the hyper-inflation…real estate too.

    2. When Apple hit $1T, a lot was written about the detriment of size – that at $1T it was simply too big to get all that much bigger, that $1T was a kind of wall. Well, turned out that wasn’t an issue.

      The question is at what point is size an issue? Obviously a company can’t exceed the economy of the world, but where is the practical line for an expanding, large cap, future friendly, company?

  1. Thanks to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. And a great deal of really cheap foreign labor and suffering.

    Unfortunately, the first and last company to do so before the US resets.

    1. “Thanks to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. And a great thing it is.”

      I’ve become a $ millionaire after my small stake in 2002.

      And my 2016 Tesla shares have gone up x10. I can now swap them for an actual Tesla.

      And Amazon… wow.

      Isn’t capitalism great!

  2. “US resets,” mostly like means the World resets…if you’re speaking economics. It’s inevitable if the “fiat” resets…esp with all the debt denominated in the dollar, throughout the World.

        1. $6,000 I invested in 2000 is now worth over $700,000 today. Crazy good, especially since I recently retired. I’m sure others have even better results. Wish I would have invested more but that’s how it is with hindsight.

  3. “Isn’t capitalism great!”

    Yes it is, for those very few that is works for – not so much a majority that see so little. The first thing done when covid struct was to order the fed to drop the rate to zero. The vast majority of consumers would see none of that in their CC or loans. A week after a majority cried how am I going to pay my rent and feed my family as they live chk to chk. Did you here, food lines are back. You have a choice of waiting on-foot or in a car for hours to fill your day.

    1. “You have a choice of waiting on-foot or in a car for hours to fill your day.”

      Who are these people who can afford to buy, fuel, maintain and tax a car, but can’t afford food?

      People who should have put their car cash into stocks, that’s who.

    2. Your woeful descriptions are of the Soviet Union and the current situation in Venezuela and Cuba under socialist predator state dictators and citizens who stupidly ignored the lessons of history and voted in the violent parasites. Sound familiar??? The riots and looting here over the past few months are typical tactics used my the losers and envious in society to steal your freedoms and your birthrights. “Vote ’em in Suckers!” The only way to get rid of them when you are starving; broke and helpless is to shoot them or hope a benevolent superpower like the USA comes to your rescue***** ###****Ooooops! That won’t happen!

      Thanks to your greed and ignorance and lack of marketable skills. Enjoy yourselves while you destroy the life’s work and sacrifices of many past and current generations.

  4. I’m willing to bet there are still those who say Apple is doomed.

    iPhones are nothing but commodity items and everyone who ever wanted an iPhone already has one. No one will ever pay $1000 for an iPhone because that’s just too darn much money for a hand-held device. I’m sure the list of reasons for Apple to fail must be an arm’s length but I’m sticking with the company no matter how long the list of reasons for failure is. I think it’s a great company and I have done very well by owning a piece of that Apple.

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