Apple signs NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace to Beats endorsement deal

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace has signed an endorsement deal with Apple subsidiary Beats By Dre, the headphone maker announced Monday.

Darrell “Bubba” Wallace
Darrell “Bubba” Wallace
Thomas Barrabi for FOXBusiness:

Beats by Dre said it moved up the timeline on its announcement after Wallace traded barbs with President Trump on Monday. The president called on Wallace to apologize after an FBI investigation determined a noose found last month in the NASCAR driver’s garage at Talladega Superspeedway wasn’t a hate crime…

NASCAR launched an investigation last month after a member of Wallace’s team found a rope fashioned into a noose in his garage. FBI investigators determined the rope was a garage door pull that had been in place since October 2019… Wallace, the NASCAR Cup Series’ only Black driver, said he was “relieved” by the FBI’s findings and thanked officials for treating the incident “as a real threat.”

NASCAR President Steve Phelps defended the premier stock car circuit’s handling of the investigation, arguing that it had acted properly based on the evidence at hand.

MacDailyNews Take: Don’t buy Beats headphones because some celebrity endorses them, buy them for the over-modulated bass!


  1. You’d think Tim Cook’s Apple would invest that million in poor neighborhoods in need of investment instead of a spoiled millionaire race car-polluting driver…. Not a ‘Green’ investment or even close….

    1. You do understand that the money spent on celebrity endorsements isn’t a charitable contribution? It is a calculated business decision that the extra sales due to the endorsement will recoup many times over the money paid to the endorser. In this case, the endorser has a high public profile because he is the only African-American NASCAR driver. His face in an ad may attract the attention of both NASCAR fans and minority-group members. Hardly anyone else has that particular potential.

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