Apple Music joins ‘Blackout Tuesday’ awareness campaign

On Tuesday, Apple Music canceled the radio schedule for Beats 1 radio to support “Blackout Tuesday,” suggesting that listeners tune in to a “”Blackout Tuesday” radio stream.

Blackout Tuesday

On launching ‌Apple Music‌, users see a message that replaces the normal “For You,” “Browse,” and “Radio” sections. The page includes a “Listen Together” button that links to the aforementioned station.

In steadfast support of the Black voices that define music, creativity, and culture, we use ours. This moment calls upon us all to speak and act against racism and injustice of all kinds. We stand in solidarity with Black communities everywhere. #TheShowMustBePaused

Apple Music is searchable, but users cannot see the usual displays and links to new releases, featured videos, featured playlists, etc.

MacDailyNews Take: While we understand the sentiment, we’d prefer there were a way for users to be able to access the normal “For You,” “Browse,” and “Radio” sections if they desire, since they are paying for the service – the full service, with full functionality – not a subset of what Apple wants subscribers to be able to do, see, and hear.


  1. “ But they don’t feel that they are getting what they paid for, or the same service that white people are getting.”

    ….and Apple’s music day is doing what to make things better…concretely, materially, effectually?

    It’s function is like, “Have a Great Day.” A pleasantry. Hardly more.

    In light of being broadcasted publicly, it’s a signal of virtue. BFD.

    1. “….and Apple’s music day is doing what to make things better…concretely, materially, effectually?”

      Yeah, what’s better? Guess it will stop the shootings, looting and burning of minority and upscale neighborhoods. /s

      Denial of normal service and lectured by SJW you may or not agree with politically — is FORCED ON subscribers without their input or approval.

      Do you understand?…

  2. Also, just so ppl know, you can still use the search option and find any artist and song to play, and playlists as well. It’s just a mild inconvenience really. So, if you are still upset…

  3. Well what if GM decided that next that on December the 2nd they would honor NATIONAL POLLUTION CONTROL DAY.
    So owners of GM cars could only do 25 mph the whole day.

    That would only be a minor inconvenience. And since they bought the cars from GM. GM would be in their full right to impose limitations to these cars. You know it’s only for one day

  4. I contacted support and got 3 free movie rentals for this arrogant takeover of a contractual agreement for a service I purchase from apple. Don’t let them give you the BS line of they cannot refund your account without canceling it. They will offer the free movie rentals credit, then you can cancel you account and get a refund after.

    It is truly arrogant of Cook & Co. to force his political agenda into paid service that no longer operates as contractually offered.

    Jobs was famously apolitical with Apple, and that is one of the qualities that made it great. So sad to see it destroyed by someone so obviously self loathing of himself. (and btw I’m gay, not the self-loathing kind of gay though)

  5. More knee-jerk reactionary SJW bulls**t from the staff at Apple. Same stupid crap coming from the “I Care” crowd at Apple. Subtext is: “I’m a good person and you’re not because ‘You don’t care about the plight of (fill in the blank)”‘. These are the attitudes and arguments of children. Emotionally stunted and reactionary, lacking any intellectual integrity, children.

    Instead of spending their time creating products that thrill & delight their customers, they decide to pay people salaries to preach to their customers about how disgusting and awful they are. “Boy, I am sure am glad that we’re not like those people”. Well, not explicitly, of course. That would be gauche. It’s all implied, which is why it’s so infuriating.

    They’d be singing a different tune if the Antifa mobs were swarming all over Apple Park and looting every damn thing in sight.

    Just remember: Apple cares and you don’t. “We are righteous. Hear us roar!”

    Fscknig Hypocrites.

    1. It may have escaped your attention that mobs ARE swarming all over some Apple Stores and looting every damn thing in sight. Curiously enough, some Americans are willing to put their own losses aside and look at the broader picture. Kind of like the patriots who suffered grievous personal damages to win the American Revolution, or the patriots who put their bone spurs aside to fight in America’s wars. I’m sure you see that as stupid crap, like signaling virtue rather than ignoring vice or being a warrior for social justice rather than injustice.

      As you said yourself, “Apple cares and you don’t.” Some of us would prefer that everybody cared, but that does not seem likely anytime soon.

      1. TxUser EDITED Quote: As you said yourself, “Apple cares and you don’t.”

        The FULL Quote: “Just remember: Apple cares and you don’t. “We are righteous. Hear us roar!”

        I believe we all get the point of the post if you read it in its entirety.

        Immediately following the edited quote in the same paragraph TxUser went on to lecture us on virtue: “Some of us would prefer that everybody cared, but that does not seem likely anytime soon.”

        Never thought I’d see the day around here when a comment was deceptively edited for political purposes, drawing false conclusions to push a liberal agenda. USER, you’re busted.

        CNN, NBC, NYT, WP, 60 Minutes and other media outlets have practiced the same deceptive technique for decades to push a liberal agenda. The major difference is they issue retractions, apologies and the reporting team responsible is reassigned or terminated.

        Don’t hold your breath. More coming from USER as the presidential election draws closer…

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