Apple soon to release new Schoolwork and Classroom apps focused on distance-learning

Apple will soon launch Schoolwork 2.0 and Classroom 2.0 for Macs and iPads, a significant update to the company’s software that lets teachers manage assignments, handouts, and more.

Apple Schoolwork app on iPad
Apple Schoolwork app on iPad

Schoolwork is a powerful iPad app that helps teachers and students use the power of iPad more effectively. Teachers can easily distribute and collect assignments, keep an eye on student progress in educational apps, and collaborate one on one with students from anywhere, in real time. It’s easy for students to use, too. Assignments automatically appear on their iPad devices, organized by due date and class. And Schoolwork helps teachersu keep track of how everyone in class is doing, so they can tailor teaching to the needs of each student. With Schoolwork, teachers can also browse supported apps to find content that fits their curriculum, then share specific app activities with students. In a single tap, students can go directly to the right activity.

Apple's Classroom app on iPad
Apple’s Classroom app on iPad

Classroom is a powerful app for iPad and Mac that helps teachers guide learning, share work, and manage student devices. It supports both shared and one-to-one environments. Teachers can launch a specific app, website, or textbook page on any iPad in the class, share documents between teacher and students, or share student work on a TV, monitor, or projector using Apple TV. Teachers can see which apps students are working in, mute student devices, assign a specific shared iPad for each student, and reset a student’s password. And when class ends, teachers can see a summary of students’ activities.

Shara Tibken for CNET:

These updates come at a complicated time for education. Schools across the country are closed in an effort to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, and it’s unclear when they’ll reopen — or what they’ll look like when they do. Teachers are developing remote lesson plans, kids are dialing into classes on Zoom and parents are supervising coursework in between work meetings. But this new dynamic has put a strain on working parents, teachers unaccustomed to distance learning and families who don’t have reliable internet, leading to what some call a potential education breakdown.

In response, Apple plans to update software used inside schools, like its Classroom app, for times when students can actually return to schools.

Apple designed Schoolwork 2.0 to include features found in other iPad OS apps, like Files, and to speed up navigation around the software. There’s a new Handout library with a source list on the left side that makes it easier to navigate to different classes or the student’s library with drafts and favorites. On the right are cards with things like reminders for a field trip or a math assignment.

With this year’s updated Classroom app, classes created using the Apple School Manager automatically sync to a teacher’s Apple ID so those courses are available as soon as the educator signs in. The app also adds tweaks like the ability to pinch-to-zoom and share class information using AirPlay on an Apple TV.

MacDailyNews Note: Look for the Schoolwork and Classroom updates to appear in Apple’s App Store soon.


    1. It’s Google Classroom, and it’s much closer to a true LMS than what Apple offers. Additionally, if you are going to teach in a 1:1 environment, you can’t bet on your students always having iOS devices. The fact that Google Classroom runs from any modern web browser is what makes it a win.

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