Xiaomi co-founder Lei Jun caught posting from his Apple iPhone

Today Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s CEO and co-founder, inadvertently revealed that he uses an Apple iPhone at least occasionally, and not one Xiaomi’s many iPhone wannabes.


His recent post on which he recommends several books on the Weibo social network excited Chinese users. Because the post signature indicates which phone he used: iPhone. Typically, this functionality is used by companies for hints and teasers of upcoming smartphones, but in this case, the post was suddenly deleted and republished from Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro.

Xiaomi co-founder Lei Jun caught posting from his Apple iPhone
Screenshot of Xiaomi co-founder Lei Jun’s post from his Apple iPhone

Xiaomi partner Pan Jiutang stood up in defense of Lei. He explains this situation by the necessity of testing the competitors’ devices.

MacDailyNews Take: “Testing.” As in: Copying.

However, what is the reason for such a late test of the iPhone 11. The smartphone is available for more than 7 months now and why the post was re-published – think for yourself.

MacDailyNews Take: Everybody — even the CEO and founder of an iPhone knockoff peddler — seems to get it, except for your average doofus Android settler.

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  1. Chinese 1,000 talents program encourages students stealing, cheating results in they can’t think or innovation. Stealing and cheating can’t go any places.
    Chinese hackers hacked into coronavirus vaccines research and development was caught by FBI. The West and USA must be in vigilante at all times.

      1. Broad brush strokes there. China is directly copying the playbook from the USA circa 1776-1929.

        You short term thinkers grew up when the postwar USA was the world superpower and sometimes bully, for good and bad. But now when the USA is aging and relatively weakening compared to a nation 4 times its population, you refuse to work with others. Your idiot leaders choose isolationism and scapegoats every other nation for the outsourcing your own overpaid corporate executives chose. Including Timmy Cookie. You chose to do business with China knowing full well what the communist party does. Don’t whine about the messy bed you slept in, Wall Street cheerleaders. You wanted cheap labor, you got it. It costs money to train and manage better labor. You choose to pocket your stock proceeds instead. Every iPhone is Made in China, and you YOU buy it.

        Not every citizen of China is a lying thief, nor does everyone in a given nation embody their government’s top-down cultural push. There are decent honest people in all nations and of all political persuasions. Understand the difference between individuals and governments and their corporate overlords. Also recognize that your beliefs are shaped by the propaganda you get from your corporate media, which above all has taught you to be needly whiny self centered consumers of Chinese junk.

  2. Although it was over a decade ago, some friends told me, while teaching English in China, the Adult students were given clear instructions to not talk, keep eyes straight ahead and to not share any papers with fellow students during testing. It was merely seconds after tests were handed out that the majority of the students completely ignored the instructions and proceeded to cheat.

    They were in-country for a few years and learned, cheating would occur, regardless Of instruction to do otherwise.

  3. Lei jun has become “lei-jun-dary”. He’ll never live this one down. Scumm sucking plague-iarists copying everything, what a sad sack of human waste masquerading as upright and honest.

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