Rumor: New Apple TV 4K with A12X Bionic chip ready to ship

Serial leaker Jon Prosser is back at it, this time with a tweet about new Apple TV hardware (as opposed to Apple’s vexingly-confusingly-named Apple TV app and Apple TV+ streaming service).

Apple TV 4K lets you watch movies and shows in amazing 4K HDR and with Dolby Atmos sound. It has great content from apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, etc. and streaming now, Apple Original shows and movies from Apple TV+.

Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote
Apple’s current Apple TV 4K and its Siri Remote (which hopefully will die a violent death sooner than later)

Codenamed “Neptune T1125,” this next-generation Apple TV 4K is said to be powered by Apple’s formidable A12X in two storage choices, 64GB and 128GB. That’s up from the current A10X Fusion-powered Apple TV 4K which comes in 32GB and 64GB options, last updated September 22, 2017. The Apple A12X Bionic is a 64-bit system on a chip (SoC) designed by Apple that first appeared in the first-generation 11-inch iPad Pro and the third-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which were both announced on October 30, 2018.

These new Apple TV devices are “ready to ship,” Prosser says, but no shipping date is known (outside of Apple), yet.

MacDailyNews Take: With a new, usable, well- and properly-designed Siri remote, too, please!


  1. The whole time I was reading the article, I was thinking, if it’s got a better remote, I’m all over it. Daddy’s getting a new toy! But if it’s the same frustrating remote, then why bother?

  2. I think you guys need to calm down about the damn remote. Look at the iPad – Apple has a thing for the cursor, and a trackpad works. Also, considering how high tech you all are, you should have gotten used to it now. It’s not the broken Keyboard that Apple shipped for 5 years.

    1. Who are you to tell us what we should be satisfied with? The remote sucks. I don’t want to have to use my phone, which I may be using for something else. Why should I have to launch the remote app, etc when the dedicated remote, which I paid for, should work.

      And another thing, I can’t even find the remote most of the time…. let alone use it, when I DO find it.

      It’s a fail!

  3. I love the Apple TV remote. I have a whole bunch of different friends/family come up to my country house. No matter the age(Okay, not my 94 year old arthritic dad), they know how to use it. Every time I have to use my Denon(amp), Samsung(4k bd) or Vizio(tv) remote, i hate it.
    Of course the remote can get better, but I love it right now.

  4. I would not say I’m a fan of the Apple remote. The trackpad area is too hard to control with any accuracy. Definitely room for improvement IMHO.
    The AppleTV+ / App also needs some working on. The system does not always remember when you have watched content on another Apple device (ie. on App or TV+). So I end up have to fight with the system to stop it autoloading the episode I have already watched and then have to navigate to TV shows to find the list of episode for that show.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think the Apple TV is a great device and have had multiple generations over the years. However the software / remote side needs a bit more tweaking to be super user friendly.

  5. I’m still using 3rd Generation Apple TV. I look forward to getting the newest one when it comes out. I’ll be able to add Britbox, Criterion Collection and other services to compliment Apple TV+.

  6. The Apple remote is particularly painful to use with my cable service. Just picking up the remote invariably means a few molecules of my fingers brush a tiny portion of the trackpad surface. This sends me either to another channel, or to the guide, or a set of menus. Scrolling through the guide from one end to the other for about 450 channels takes about a hundred swipes of the trackpad. A numeric keypad would be nice. Equal blame for the user interface of my cable app, obviously.

  7. If this system is used for streaming what is the point of having more storage? I’m coming from a really old one (v3?) so I’m curious what you get for an extra 64GB of storage?

      1. Games huh? Is Apple going to compete with the PS5 and XXBoXX? Oceanhorn 2 was pretty cool, but it was only one game.

        And oh yeah, that remote couldn’t be worse as a game controler.

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