Apple helps fuel market rally as U.S. states prepare to relax shutdowns

Friday saw a U.S. stock market rally, led higher by Apple and Microsoft as investors finished a turbulent week of trading amid the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns.

Noel Randewich for Reuters:

Apple stock strength fuels market rallyApple and Microsoft each climbed more than 1%, lifting the S&P 500 more than any other companies. The two tech titans are on tap to report their March-quarter results next week, giving investors a glimpse at how the pandemic has affected their global businesses.

All of the 11 S&P 500 sector indexes moved up, with information technology jumping 2.1% and materials rallying 1.5%… The index has recovered more than 25% from its March low and expectations are growing that more businesses will be allowed to reopen as coronavirus infections showed signs of peaking…

Amazon rose 0.4% to a record high close ahead of its quarterly report on Thursday. With online shopping booming as people avoid traditional stores, Amazon’s stock market value has ballooned by over $100 billion since Feb. 19, just before coronavirus fears gripped Wall Street.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 1.11% to end at 23,775.27 points, while the S&P 500 gained 1.39% to 2,836.74. The Nasdaq Composite added 1.65% to 8,634.52.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple shares closed up $7.94 (+2.89%) at $282.97, contributing to the market rally. One year ago today, Apple closed at $204.48. So, despite a global pandemic and widespread economic shutdowns, Apple shares are up an amazing $78.49 (+38.4%) over the past year!


  1. Too soon to reopen. There isn’t enough testing. We can’t reopen until we have enough tests to guarantee the safety of all 328 millions otherwise Trump will have even more blood on his hands. Jobs and life savings be damned, the country needs at least another six months – November 4, at the earliest.

    1. What do Democrats gain by getting the virus under control? What do they gain by the economy turning around (improving)?

      Doesn’t Trump have more to lose with an extended shutdown, vast illness, destroyed economy, more deaths, crushed American dreams and lives? Doesn’t Trump have more to lose? Isn’t what is Trump’s to lose for the Democrats to gain?

  2. Thank you for accurately articulating the Democrat Governors Covid 2020 presidential strategy.

    Republican governors on the other hand are less interested in expansion of political power and MORE interested in caring for and restoring normalcy and dignity to citizens.

    Leave the pandemic political props to the Democrats and their sycophant supporters in the national media…

  3. Yes, and the Democrats have cleverly disguised this by having the Republican governors from Maryland, Ohio, and several other states urge caution. The conspiracy runs really deep, driven by the desire to open our borders to illegal aliens from Mars. (Though George Soros might come from Venus.) Several of the deep state operatives, like Senator Klobachar volunteered members of their immediate family to become seriously ill with the hoax virus, and Senator Warren marked her brother for death.

    The conspiracy extends all over the world. India has locked down to make our President look bad, and Italy sacrificed tens of thousands of people. Even Boris Johnson is in on it and went into ICU to help the Democrats and their Martian puppet masters.

    Yes, such a deep plot that can never be solved through science and medicine.

    All the foregoing was sarcasm, incidentally, like suggesting that doctors inject folks with Lysol.

    1. Conspiracy? Plot? What are you referring to? Illegal aliens from Mars? There are probably a few illegal aliens who came over the southern boarder, but other than that… Mars? What is that about?

      1. I’ve an immigrant from Mars staying with me for the weekend. It’s very clean and speaks well. I’m teaching it to mow the lawn.

        I’m still trying to figure out their food preferences though. Suggestions?

  4. If you are stupid enough to inject that stuff then you deserve the outcome. By the way, Cumo’s wife and son bathed in Clorox. She swears by it even though Clorox specifically warns against doing so. Delicious!!

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