Watchsmith app delivers dynamic complications on Apple Watch

Apple Watch faces are highly customizable compared to watches that came before it. But, there’s still a lot of headroom for Apple Watch as David Smith’s Watchsmith app proves.

Watchsmith app
Watchsmith app

Zac Hall for 9to5Mac:

Watchsmith lets you create dynamic Apple Watch complications that change throughout the day. Want a complication to check the weather in the morning, show your work calendar during your 9 to 5, and show your activity data before bed?

Watchsmith can do that all with a single complication, potentially freeing up slots for other complications…

Watchsmith starts with the iPhone. The app lets you create a schedule for its Apple Watch complication using supported data sources, and you can create different schedules for different watch faces… Watchsmith can change its complication up to 24 times per day with one mode for each hour of the day.

MacDailyNews Take: Watchsmith unlocks a festival of ever-changing data on your Apple Watch watch face! You can see how useful this could be as it allows you to basically multiple your complications. More info via Apple’s App Store here.


  1. Yep, we have the century old Swiss watch industry to thank for that. These top brands have named all these useful features of the classic watches ‘complications’. Apple has just used the common terminology. The more features a watch has, the more complex (and therefore more expensive) a mechanical watch is. Check out the Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260 watch, a marvel of mechanical technology.

    If Apple ever would create an autonomous vehicle (project Titan), it would probably state BHP as a way of expressing the vehicle’s power, although probably no horses will be found in there either 😉

  2. I know that that the term “complications” comes from the classic watch industry because every additional feature would be mechanically pretty complicated to add. But this is such a misleading name for a feature, shortcut, app, widget, alias… on the Apple watch.

  3. This app will surely get Sherlocked out of existence, Shirley! Too friggin’ expensive, all these monthly subscriptions are nickel and diming us out of existence. 🙁

  4. It seems from a number of reviews that this app does very little, and a bunch of what it does, it doesn’t do well. While a large number of people give it four and even five stars, I think that’s more because of what the app is, than how good it is. I also agree that a subscription for something like this is unwarranted. If the developer wants money, just charge for the app. It’s a utility, it’s not really worth that much.

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