Apple debuts new Mac ad celebrating International Women’s Day

Apple has debuted a new Mac ad celebrating International Women’s Day. On Apple’s YouTube channel, the company has shared a video spotlighting the women changing the world “Behind the Mac.”

Featured, in order:

Apple Mac ad International Women’s Day. Image: Apple logo00:01 — Malala Yousafzai: The youngest Nobel laureate for her work on girls’ education.
00:02 — Ava Duvernay: Director known for “Selma” and “When They See Us.”
00:04 — Marie Kondo: Tidying expert, bestselling author and Emmy-nominated television star.
00:07 — Greta Gerwig: Director known for “Lady Bird” and “Little Women.”
00:09 — Gloria Steinem: Women’s rights activist who helped start second-wave feminism.
00:11 — Lady Gaga: GRAMMY & Oscar winning artist and founder of the Born This Way foundation.
00:13 — Megan Rapinoe and Shannon Boxx: World Cup champions fighting for equal pay.
00:15 — Olivia Wilde: Actor and director known for her feature debut “Booksmart.”
00:17 — Diane von Furstenberg: Fashion designer and founder of the DVF Awards.
00:19 — Elizabeth Banks: Actor and director of “Pitch Perfect 2” and “Charlie’s Angels.”
00:21 — Alicia Keys: GRAMMY winning artist, touching hearts and inspiring the world through her art.
00:23 — Lilly Singh: The first woman to host a network late-night talk show in 30 years.
00:25 — Audrey Gelman: C.E.O and first visibly pregnant woman featured on a business magazine cover.
00:27 — Black Mamba: South Africa’s women-run anti-poaching unit.
00:30 — Victoria Monét: On-the-rise artist and GRAMMY nominee, known for her hit songwriting.
00:32 — Tarana Burke: Founder of The ‘me too.’ Movement.
00:34 — DJ Switch: A 12-year-old DJ and founder of the DJ Switch Foundation for education.

The song in the production is “***Flawless Feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie” by Beyoncé.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s always nice to see a Mac ad from Apple and one that celebrates International Women’s Day to boot. Good taste in personal computers doesn’t discriminate!


  1. I cannot fathom a CEO doing worse than Tim Cook in representing a company. Whatever. Features? Usefulness? Advantages? Forget it. Those are secondary to woke Virtue signaling. Apple deserves every bit of derisiveness it gets.

  2. Great great inspirational ad.
    For those who only believe in the hard sell, you got the same hard head that elects a con man to the highest office in the land 🙂

    1. You mental midgets can’t stand the fact that President Donald J. Trump is, and will be the most successful President in U.S. history.🇺🇸
      Donald J. Trump, A True American Hero! 🇺🇸
      TRUMP/2020 🇺🇸 Don Jr. 2024 🇺🇸

  3. What will Tim Cook do for International Men’s Day I wonder? Maybe it will be an ad that features all the men who actually made the Mac happen? (I’m not saying women were not involved) Maybe it will be a celebration to all the great things that men are actually doing around the world everyday? Perhaps it will highlight the hardship/sacrifice some men make that is disproportionate to females in certain areas – workplace fatalities, homelessness etc?

    Or maybe there will be nothing at all, and men will continue to move forward regardless of what politically correct, virtue signalling CEO Apple have.

    Get rid of Tim Cook and let’s get back to an age where Apple are actually a company that is doing amazing things not just talking like sheep.

    1. Let’s get back to an age when women and minority members knew their place. You know, when you could grab them by the genitals and they would let you because you had all the power. Perhaps we could repeal the Nineteenth Amendment so those uppity broads will stop meddling in men’s business like politics and engineering.

      /s, obviously.

          1. Nice try clueless, but NO. You mocked men and as usual not one of your posts goes by without impugning our great president with RECORD economic numbers, you PURPOSELY mocked him with the “grabbing” comment. Trump Train has no use for DISHONEST “fake conservatives” like YOU… 👊🏻

            1. You did BOTH. Your motive was to mock our great president that you HATE as Nick correctly pointed out and I quote him TXUSER:”Your daily dose of soy, thanks Tx!”

              Oh look, village idiot and potty mouth is your backup, you keep such good company… 🤣

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