Here’s what’s wrong with Apple News+

Here’s what’s wrong with Apple News+: It may actually be too good of a deal. It offers so much for the price that subscribers find it difficult to find the time to consume even a small portion of what Apple News+ offers. It’s easier to simply cancel and stop paying the subscription fee for something you feel you’re wasting as there simply isn’t enough time in the day.

what's wrong with Apple News+
Apple News+

Kirk McElhearn for Kirkville:

$10 a month seems too much to me to have access to a number of publications that I read only occasionally at best; I simply don’t have the time to read all those magazines. Back when I subscribed to more print publications, I ended up with stacks of them that I tried to “get through” every couple of months.

But Apple keeps trying to interest me in Apple News+, and I don’t blame them. But I do blame them for what they present to tempt me… At the top of the [For You in News+] section is an article about cameras, and this makes sense: I follow a couple of photography channels in the app. But below that, there are four other suggestions, none of which are “based on what I read.” I don’t watch birds, I don’t care much about houses and homes, I have no interest in advertising, and I don’t have diabetes. I don’t know why the algorithm is this broken, but it’s broken.

MacDailyNews Take: Beyond the very real problem of the recommendation algorithm not working well, what’s wrong with Apple News+ is that nobody wants to pay for what seems, in the end, like homework; yet another thing to keep up with. Apple News+ ends up guilting you. It’s like email. It just piles up and piles up, another thing constantly demanding to be dealt with. Nobody wants to pay for that. That’s why Apple should bundle it with other services (and fix the broken recommendation engine).


  1. Recommendation engine, navigation, subscriptions-inside-subscriptions, inconsistent paths forward (from articles to related content) and not having Twitter links land you in Apple News are my biggest problems with it.

    I’m the ultimate Apple News customer (heavy reader, loves news and other topics) and I just don’t spend time in the app. I find most of my news via Twitter and in the NYT app which has been awesome until very recently.

  2. Yes, bundle the lot of it. $10 a month for music is too much. Then $5 a month for TV — which seems like a deal. Then whatever for News and what I’m paying for 200gb of storage. I’m being nickel and dime-ed.

    Make it all super cheap so that people would be crazy not to buy in. Maybe the whole thing could be $15 or $20, maybe $200 for the year with an annual subscription — a one stop shop for most services we want, even if we don’t use it all that much.

    I find myself using the services in starts and stops. That pattern does not lend itself to a series of monthly subscriptions. And most people don’t like remembering all the use patterns and requirements surrounding each service. I like Google news, don’t like Google.

    1. Couldn’t agree more nickel and dime to death. $1.00 for 200gb. It costs more to process the friggin payment. Subscription models are bs. Apple should be giving 200gb storage for free. They charge enough

      1. Kent: You’re 100% right. Anyone can just have PBS pro-govt propaganda playing in the background all day and get the same crap “news.”

        KingMel: same for you. A “closed mind” for you is anyone who thinks for themselves and doesn’t want the nanny state kicking your ass all the time. Wake up and consider what the country’s founders would think of this relentless govt appetite for $ and control.

        BTW, we tried to watch Apple’s “The Morning Show” last night. What a load! We both said it gave us a headache to watch these high-schoolers pretend that: a) anybody gives a damn about the bobble headed anchor, and b) the timing and direction is so lame—each person recites their line and then it’s the next one’s turn, etc., etc. Not like real conversations at all. And every other sentence laden with “F-words.”
        However, Reese Witherspoon gave a very spunky performance, nonetheless.

        1. Lesbian nude love scene between Aniston and Witherspoon and you’ll get a lot more subscribers. Well…for a month at least.
          No body doubles and good breast-sucking close-ups please.

      2. What “unfounded criticisms?” Kent is absolutely spot on Apple defender Mel with thin skin. The only difference is SOME of the same information on an Apple app for 10 clams a month, when it’s free with OTA or a cable/dish/streaming subscription everywhere else. In addition, understand the participating media outlets are only offering thin package enticements, with teases and lots of homework to pay more. No thanks…

        1. The real issue is that you and Kent are cheapskates. The 3 national news channels you can get OTA is what fraction of what you can access elsewhere?

          That being said, you would benefit immensely from turning off the cable crisis and FUD channels. Go outside and play already.

          1. NO, “the real issue” is you are CHILDISH name calling juvenile that can’t HANDLE opinions other than your own. Wipe the lathering foam off your face, wait for your blood pressure to settle and above all — PLEASE grow up…

  3. If it doesn’t lionize my political personality du jour and make scapegoats out of everyone else, then I will simply declare it fake, stamp my feet, throw around inappropriate labels, and go trolling on formerly tech oriented web sites.

    1. Apply your thinking to any pastime, Netflix would force you to watch only rom-coms to force you out of your action-adventure “echo chamber”, you could only buy tickets for WNBA games instead of baseball because “diversity”, you could only read softcore porn ‘romance novels’ because religious books are too “closed-minded”. Big tech/mass media has become the greatest vehicle for cultural propaganda and ideological conformity in history, only a total ignoramus could miss it. Even a dedicated leftist socialist should be able to recognize that Apple News and the like are hive minds of sanitized, corporate sources that are meant to condition your thinking rather than inform you.

  4. My experience with News+ is that Apple has allowed some publishers that supposed participate to post headlines for articles that even with News+ require subscriptions with the publisher to actually read them. One example – consumer reports. Tons of article links in the following at least that deadend with subscriber demand. Then where in the News app can one search within an issue for keywords, topics etc rather than paging through like it’s a lethargic paper pub. I cancelled my subscription because I found it way too laborious and incomplete, with 98% of the publications useless and of zero interest to me. Why would I pay to get more work?

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