Analyst: Apple will have a line of foldable iPhones by 2025

Global foldable smartphone shipments will grow to 100 million by 2025 from under 1 million units in 2019, including a foldable iPhone from Apple, according to the latest research from Strategy Analytics. While high prices, poor display-yields, and widely-publicized incidents of questionable durability, primarily on Samsung’s part, are holding back the market for foldable smartphones today, but those problems will be solved in the long-term, analysts at Strategy Analytics say.

Apple foldable iPhone? Global Foldable Smartphone Shipments Forecast in 2019 to 2025
Source: Strategy Analytics. Note: numbers are rounded.

Ken Hyers, Director at Strategy Analytics, said in a statement, “Samsung was the world’s number one foldable smartphone vendor in 2019, followed by Huawei in second place. Samsung is top in Western regions, like the US, while Huawei is focusing on its home market of China. Rival brands, such as Motorola and TCL, will deliver their own new models in 2020 and look to grab a slice of the foldables pie. By 2025, every major player should have a foldables portfolio, including Apple.”

MacDailyNews Take: Again, is that a foldable phone in your pocket or a hockey puck? “Too thick when folded” is why it makes perfect sense for Apple to do a foldable display first with iPad, a device that is not carried in pockets and where thickness when folded is therefore not an issue.

Foldable iPhone? Apple U.S. Patent application illustration "Electronic devices with flexible displays and hinges"
Apple U.S. Patent application illustration “Electronic devices with flexible displays and hinges”

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  1. As with everything does, since Jobs death, they will be behind the 8 ball. Company has not innovated and been on the forefront since Jobs death. Tim Cook is doing nothing but riding on the coat tail of Jobs. All they are doing is watching everyone else and trying to catch up. Such a tragedy !!!

  2. Folding phones are great! That is the cell phone I was raised with. Flip it open call answered, flit closed you hang up. Sooo much easier. F@ck that gigantic heavy glass & metal monster we now use. Get rid of it!

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