Leaked specs for Apple’s iPhone SE 2

Apple iPhone SE specs to mirror iPhone 8 specs
Apple’s iPhone 8 physical specs

Apple is expected, by no less than uber-analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, to release an “iPhone SE 2” within months. This new iPhone will not have a 4-inch display like iPhone SE, but rather look much like iPhone 8, with a 4.7-inch LCD display.

Rajesh Pandey for iPhone Hacks:

The iPhone SE continues to remain popular among consumers despite its age and dated internals. It is the small size of the device that makes it popular among a niche of consumers. The device is long overdue for an upgrade and given its popularity, it makes sense for Apple to refresh it. However, Apple might just give us an iPhone 8 successor in the form of the iPhone 9 which could also act as an iPhone SE spiritual successor.

The leaked renders show a handset that looks very similar to the iPhone 8 including a physical home button/Touch ID, no headphone jack, and chunky top and bottom bezels… There is a possibility that Apple could use frosted glass on the iPhone 9, though this is not yet confirmed. Another possibility opened up by the use of the glass back is the inclusion of wireless charging, though Apple might just remove this feature for price reasons.

If rumors are anything to go by, the iPhone SE 2/iPhone 9 will feature an A13 Bionic chip and 3GB RAM. It will be available with up to 128GB of storage space… The upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone refresh from Apple will feature a single camera at the rear. It will likely be a 12MP f/1.8 camera sensor, the same one which Apple uses on the iPhone 11 series.

MacDailyNews Take: “iPhone 9” or “iPhone SE2” aren’t the greatest names. “9” is regressive and sounds old, as we’re onto “11” already and looking forward to “12.”

“SE2” is better, but will iPhone SE aficionados take to a 4.7-inch display? They might have if the new iPhone came with an edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display and eliminated the antiquated Home button as a 4.7-inch edge-to-edge iPhone would be around the same physical size as an iPhone SE. More display in the same small size would be a win-win proposition. But, with a larger iPhone 8-sized iPhone, Apple might come up with a new name altogether or – hopefully – 2020 might be the time to finally clean up the iPhone naming mess by using the Mac example, as such:

• 4.7-inch iPhone (2020)
• 6.1-inch iPhone (2020)
• 5.4-inch iPhone Pro (2020)
• 6.7-inch iPhone Pro (2020)


  1. Make it expensive, that’s ok. But if the camera is substandard and the case larger than the SE you didn’t understand, Apple. Kind regards, your tight-jeans-wearing customers with healthy BMI

  2. It seems regressive of Apple to bring out a new phone that looks almost the same as a two year old phone. Keep it the same size as the SE, but make it all screen.

    1. This will be the iPhone for my dad, 78 years old. I myself switched from an iPhone 6 to a iPhone 11 Pro and for me it was easy enough to get used to the new ways of going back to the home screen, switching apps etc. But I know for sure that this is too complicated for my dad. So that the home button with TouchID is still present is essential. In my opinion there should be two sizes available, a smaller SE-like and a iPhone 8 size.

  3. If this iPhone 9 (or whatever it’s going to be called) represents the last in a line of TouchID iPhones, I agree that Apple should drop the numbering scheme altogether. I propose iPhone Air.

    1. Whachu talkin’ about, Willis? I don’t want to be no iPhone Airhead. Kimberley might be interested though… she could drum up some interest with her friends…

  4. “The iPhone SE continues to remain popular among consumers despite its age and dated internals. It is the small size of the device that makes it popular among a niche of consumers…”

    Popular to a “niche” (makes it sound like a small bunch of stubborn hold-overs that refuse to change), so, “let’s make it bigger.” Goofy.

    I think “niche” poorly describes the group and Apple is tone-deaf on moving ahead with a larger device. Woman for sure, lots of kids, older folks and men with small hands (Trump) and those that don’t like big chunks in their pockets is not “niche.”

    I’d love to see Apple make the best smaller phone in the market. I think it would be a market changer and something others would copy AND making many, many consumers happy. (Side note: I love my XS, but still dream of an Apple version of the candy bar phone).

  5. There is nothing new being “leaked” here 🙄 This rumored new iPhone is clearly the replacement for aging iPhone 8, and should be called iPhone 9. That name is ideal for its intended purpose in the lineup. Apple won’t announce it with fanfare. It’ll be just like the unexpected release of the latest iPod touch (with A-10 Fusion) last year. Quiet.

    iPhone 9 will be what Apple Store salesperson pulls out when price of ALL other models causes potential (currently-Android) customer to balk. The next iPhone up in lineup (when iPhone 8 is gone), that’s still sold at Apple Store, is last year’s iPhone XR starting at $599. The sales pitch will be, iPhone 9 gives you the latest A13 processor and 12MP camera like on our best iPhone, starting at just $399. iPhone 9 will also be for businesses deploying a highly-capable long-lasting everyday smartphone to their employees at lower cost.

    Apple will want to sell iPhone XR or above, NOT iPhone 9. So there’s no need to give it some fancy name to imply it’s more than what it IS, the proven lower-cost veteran with the lastest specs, iPhone 9. And NOT iPhone “SE 2”…

    There should be a new iPhone SE too. If it’s not happening this time around, save that name for the model that eventually replaces iPhone 9 (last iPhone with Home button). THAT new iPhone SE will have an edge-to-edge screen (4.7-inch or whatever) that makes it same size as iPhone 5/5S/SE, or even smaller. It’ll probably have the rumored through-screen Touch ID not Face ID. It’ll replace iPhone 9 AND satisfy customers who currently want a REAL iPhone SE successor 🙂

  6. MDN, the features are old so the could call it SE3. If this thing is more than $300 USD a waste of money. Make the footprint what people want or forget it. I don’t want it so not about me. More poor decision making by Apple

  7. My wife has an SE and it’s about time for her to upgrade – along with z lot of other SE users. To make it worthwhile to upgrade Apple needs to make it attractive.

    Dump the Home Button and go with FaceID. Dump the notch – just one straight line across the top of the display.

    Upgrade the processor and camera. Then add sufficient storage for the larger pic & video files.

    Price it competitively as one of your markets with be the Social Security crowd.

  8. Needs to FIT IN SMALL POCKETS. Not everyone carries a purse everywhere. Steve Jobs made things small, since his death the march to everything being larger is all that is being thought about. Fine make some large but small is also valuable.

    1. The iPhone 11 isn’t huge. I have small pockets and an iPhone SE. My wife’s XR fits fine in my pockets and the iPhone 11 is actually smaller than the XR. The main difference is the height, the 11 is an inch-ish taller than the SE but it isn’t significantly wider, a bit wider but nothing to write home about. As I get older the trade off a larger screen and a slightly larger iPhone 11 is fine with me. The iPhone SE is too small for older eyes. Wait until you hit your 40s and your eyes begin to change, you’ll understand.

  9. To get right to the point, what makes the iPhone SE so desirable is it’s iconic design, Steve Jobs was correct when the design was initially release with iPhone 4 and he stated it was the most elegant product design they ever created (paraphase). Anything less then that ‘Leica camera’ design will be putting lipstick on a pig to the majority of current iPhone SE owners, of which I am one. As for the name, this design should be set apart from the others and called iPhone Classic.

    Unwittingly Apple created something special when they made this design, we can only hope that someone at Apple recognizes this and can market it accordingly. If the iPhone 11/Pro had adopted the current SE design, like the iPad Pro did, we wouldn’t be having this discussion and it would have been an even bigger hit that it was, taking all of those who ended up purchasing it plus all the SE holdouts.

  10. It’s wild that Apple would release a new phone that STILL utilized the home button. Enough already. Isn’t Apple buying DOT projectors at enough scale already?!

    It’s wild to me that someone is able to buy a NEW iPhone that already has, essentially, obsolete hardware.

  11. If Apple neglects to focus on WHY many of us like the SE, BECAUSE IT’S 4″, NOT 4.7″, NOT 5.5″… 4″…. then this product will fall way short of expectations… the SE crowd WANTS 4″. Actually, a ton of us want a new model that is offered with all the bells and whistles at 4″. THAT is a missing piece for Apple.

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