Apple patent shows 2020 iPhone sans notch?

iPhone 2020 render

Will Apple’s flagship iPhones in 2020 come without the inelegant kludge?


Next year seems to be a revolutionary year for Apple. Not only is the first iPhone 5G phone expected, the devices will also get a new design. It will be the first major design update since the introduction of the iPhone X in September 2017.

China Times was able to gather revealing information at MWC Shanghai about a Credit Suisse presentation. The Swiss financial services provider reported that Apple suppliers are finalizing the development of a full screen display for the iPhone 2020.

To achieve a full screen display, a TrueDepth camera will be processed under the screen. The new Apple iPhone 12 will also have an in-display fingerprint scanner. The Face ID functionality is therefore canceled… The fingerprint scanner will be placed under the screen for all new iPhone models. The under-screen camera will only be found in the top model, the Chinese publication stated.

MacDailyNews Take: A render shown in a Credit Suisse presentation as reported by the China Times is not a credible source for future iPhone designs or specs.


  1. I like how the render shows a janky forehead in place of a notch. Larger phone without a larger screen? Nahhh 🙂

    Those who are bothered by the notch are irrationally bothered by it… like folks bothered by lotus seed pods. Notchophobia?

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