My favorite Apple product of the decade isn’t the iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch

AirPods Pro bring the magic of AirPods to an all-new lightweight, in-ear design.
AirPods Pro bring the effortless magic of AirPods to an all-new lightweight, in-ear design.

Mark Sullivan for Fast Company:

Apple likes to say that the Watch is the most personal of all its devices, but for me the most personal Apple device has proved to be the AirPods.

I thought they were intriguing when I first saw Apple introduce them at a press event in the fall of 2016, but I didn’t realize at the time that of all the new devices and services Apple has introduced in the past decade — including the iPad, the Apple Watch, and the Apple TV+ service — the AirPods would become the product I’d use most.

There are days when I leave my Apple Watch at home, but there are virtually no days when my AirPods go untouched. There are even days when I leave my iPhone at home and take my Watch and the AirPods. No matter what mix of devices I need at a particular time, the AirPods are usually part of it.

MacDailyNews Take: AirPods are great, indeed, but the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch are each much more capable and therefore more compelling.


    1. If you aren’t getting bass with any earbuds (Apple or other) it means you haven’t sized the tips correctly for a proper fit in you ear canal. Seriously, try any earbuds with a bad fit and you won’t get bass. Take the same earbuds and fit them properly and you will not believe the difference. If you can’t get AirPods to fit properly by all means try a different brand, but there are many tip size options available for AirPods. I would be surprised if you couldn’t get them fitted properly.

  1. Well, I got my case laminated (free) with my name and cellphone. of course, I hope to not lose it. I just want to add that the Apple Store today (where I went to pick it up) was insanely crowded! Much more crowded than any of the many other times I’ve been there. Mind-bogglingly crowded. OK, you get the picture. So, two observations. First, the process of getting my device took a few minutes but wasn’t horrible. Second, I’m inclined to get some more APPL stock!

  2. AirPods solved all my issues I had with in ear bluetooth headphones. Fantastic sound, great battery life, consistent sound during exercise, fast and easy charging, perfect case form factor.

  3. My favorite Apple product is me. Without me helping Steve along in the early days, there would be no Apple today. So I am my own personal favorite – but you already knew that.

        1. That’s right. It’s me, I am cynical not only about Apple, but about people who are dismissive of CitizenX’s fairy stories about being one of the most unknown, undiscovered and undeserving influential people of tech.

  4. I like my old AirPods too, but it’s just an accessory to get audio to my ears conveniently. By itself, it doesn’t do anything. So, I would not call it my “favorite” Apple product 😉

    At least not in current form and function. Maybe over time, it will evolve into a “smarter” device like Watch.

  5. I love Apple products. Been using them as exclusively as possible since 1989. I’m thankful for Apple’s success and hope it continues. However, I must admit I miss the days when Apple users were a minority. I miss the days when being an Apple user made you part of an exclusive community of committed to “Think Different.” With Apple products becoming so ubiquitous the mystic of being an Apple customer has waned a little.

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