ZDNet’s Device of the Decade: Apple iPad

The current Apple iPad lineup includes Apple Pencil support, best-in-class performance, advanced displays and all-day battery life.
Apple’s iPad lineup includes Apple Pencil support, best-in-class performance, advanced displays, and all-day battery life.

The iPad launched in April of 2010, and since then we’ve seen it evolve into a powerful, freeing platform.

Jason Cipriani for ZDNet:

In January 2010, Steve Jobs famously sat on stage and walked the audience through what seemed like a scene straight out of Harry Potter. As he held a piece of glass in his hands, tapping and swiping through websites, a calendar, digital books, and a music library, the iPad came to be.

Over the past decade, the iPad has shed the “bigger iPhone” label as Apple has expanded the iPad lineup, and it’s added meaningful software features. I’ve never really viewed the iPad as a consumption device, and I’m not entirely sure Apple ever intended for it to be viewed as one. During the original announcement Apple showed off a drawing app, and Apple’s iWork suite of apps — Pages, Keynote and Numbers — were available at launch.

In June, Apple announced iPadOS… It’s by far the biggest updated we’ve seen to the iPad, and with a dedicated operating system in iPadOS, Apple is poised to push the iPad forward… What the next 10 years hold for the iPad is anyone’s guess, but with its own operating system, I think it’s safe to say we’re about to see the iPad truly grow as a computing device.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s revolutionary iPad truly is the “Device of the Decade!”


  1. iPad is a giant iPod Touch. My wife has tried for 2 months to get into the 12.9 iPad Pro, it it fails in many respects. iOS = Palm OS = Newton OS. Can’t get blood from a stone.

  2. It still has a ways to go needs multiple ports for Pro many bus powered devices the iPad doesn’t have enough power so need to be connected to charger. This OS still limited and for more CPU power for graphic, video, and audio apps. It’s okay for DIY work, but not Pro work.

  3. It’s great for many niche workflows. It won’t replace the desktop or laptop of most working people though. The iPhone is easily the device of this decade as well, even though it was introduced last decade, iPad afficionados will admit that. If we had to choose one or the other there is no question which it would be.

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