Apple releases redesigned Apple Store app

Apple's newly-redesigned Apple Store app
Apple’s newly-redesigned Apple Store app

Michael Steeber for 9to5Mac:

Apple released a major update to the Apple Store app today with a redesigned Shop tab that completely overhauls the online shopping experience. Products are now presented with richer visuals, featured recommendations, and more.

The latest update merges the Discover and Shop tabs into one unified interface with a series of cards and sections that highlight new products, devices you already own, and shopping categories.

The Apple Store app is available for free in the App Store.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s more intuitive now and it flows much better!


  1. Yes, apps are a fiasco for so many reason, including the one mentioned. Why is it that any vendor/business with an app of their own, irritatingly asks if you want to download their app, or “continue with the web” (Linkedin, for one)?

    Some benefit from basic info, while others have reasons that can only be imagined.

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