64GB in an iPhone is more than enough storage for most people

iPhone 11 advances the most popular smartphone in the world with meaningful innovations that touch areas customers see and use every day.
iPhone 11 advances the most popular smartphone in the world with meaningful innovations that touch areas customers see and use every day.

Oliver Haslam for iMore:

Who really needs more than 64GB of storage in an iPhone?

I’ve never bought an iPhone with more than 64GB of storage. I’ve always tended to buy the one with the lowest storage available, too. It just isn’t something I struggle with. Which is odd, because you’d imagine if anyone was going to need globs of space it would be someone who writes about phones and apps for a living. But here I am with my 64GB iPhone 11 Pro with 20GB free. If anyone’s wondering, I have a 64GB iPad Pro with 20GB free, too…

Sure, if Apple’s 2020 flagship iPhone starts at 128GB that’s what I’ll get. And sure, it’ll probably be almost full because iOS is handling the housekeeping for me. But if 64GB is an option you can be sure that’s what I’ll buy.

MacDailyNews Take: Unless you’re a frequent traveler who wants to carry downloaded movies and TV shows, or a video producer who shoots tons of footage on their iPhone/iPad, 64GB is enough for pretty much anybody who uses iCloud Photo Library and lets iOS/iPadOS Offload Unused Apps.


  1. I routinely cycle through various data sets and thus regularly carry about 90 – 100 GB on my iPhone. I as soon as there was an option for more than 64 GB I jumped to the 128 GB. Too bad I have had to jump to 256 GB with the newest phones as I’ve never needed much over 100 GB. If they do the minimum of 128 GB in the next iPhone, I’ll probably start getting the minimum.

    Oh, and for those of us who do NOT use iCloud (or any other cloud service) for various reasons (sometimes for pure paranoia, sometimes for legitimate technical reasons), 64 GB is likely not enough.

  2. Yeah, but the Samsung Galaxy S10 can be ordered with 1TB of storage for $1600 and can also take a 512GB MicroSD card for a whopping 1.5TB of total storage. Take that, iPhone. Damn, the tech-heads must have been salivating for that amount of storage. No matter what Apple offers on the iPhone, Samsung will go one or even two better in their Galaxy Sxx or Note xx. 64GB is nothing, nada, zip when bragging rights are at stake.


  3. Yeah, 64GB is right storage space for me right now, on my iPhone AND my iPad. I have, however, upgraded my iCloud storage to 200GB recently. Apple gets me to pay extra, one way or another… 🙄

  4. Well I am obviously not typical. Although I have used a modest 80Gb on my iPhone, I have filled 600Gb of my 1TB iPad Pro. That includes much business documents, 45k photos and videos, 1600 manuscripts, and a library of music, podcasts and videos to listen/watch while travelling the world

  5. really? I don’t think so. I use one and it always send me notifications about the storage is full and need to upgraded. It’s kinda annoying and I am planning to change with the bigger storage such as 256GB friv

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