Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple plans to remove the Lightning connector for port-free, ‘completely wireless’ iPhone

According to TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will launch an iPhone in 2021 that doesn’t include a Lightning connector. Apple will only remove the Lightning port from the highest-end iPhone, creating a “completely wireless experience,” Kuo wrote in a note to client Thursday.


The removal of the Lightning cable, along with other differentiating updates, will boost shipments and the average selling price of the high-end iPhone models, Kuo, a top Apple analyst, wrote. Without the connector, the top-tier iPhone would provide a “completely wireless experience,” Kuo said.

Speculation has been building for several years that Apple plans to remove the Lightning [port from iPhone].

MacDailyNews Take: A port-free iPhone would be perfect for significantly increasing water resistance while also saving space that could be used for more battery or other components – it’s a win-win!


    1. Outrage? No.

      Just pointing out how stupid this idea is.

      Wireless charging is SIGNIFICANTLY slower than wired charging.
      Wireless data transfer is SIGNIFICANTLY slower than wired data transfers.
      Wireless updates to apps and iOS are SIGNIFICANTLY slower than wired updates.

      I need no reason other than these three to think that removing all wired connectors from the iPhone is just plain stupid.

      With regard to the concept that removing the lightning connector can make the iPhone more water resistant… You can easily make a lightning or USB Type-C connector as water resistant as you can make the speakers and micorophone water resistant. With today’s technology there’s no difference.

      The added battery you can put in when removing the lightning connector might get me an extra 10 to 20 minutes a day. That is not worth the loss of that connector.

      1. Wireless charging is also less energy efficient, for a company that keeps touting how ecologically sound it wants to be.

        Say it’s a small amount. And then take that amount times a few hundred million…..

        (I have other objections as well.)

  1. Sorry, but I don’t yet know of a stereo wireless microphone. I like the Lightning port- it’s also faster than wireless charging. Can’t see this as very much of a win- sorry…

  2. I don’t see there will be a problem as long as Apple provide a wireless charger with the phone (as they do with the Apple Watch).
    It would be good if there is a magnetic connection so that the charger dose not slip off and is in the correct position to charge properly. That is one of the biggest challenges with Qi chargers.

    1. One big problem – CarPlay. My one-year-old Honda supports CarPlay but only in a wired configuration. I spend a good deal of time in my car, with CarPlay on about 90% of the time.

      1. That’s just a software restriction made by Apple and Honda. Never got why they don’t use Bluetooth for connectivity.
        Personally I prefer wireless charging and Bluetooth over CarPlay at this time. Far more convenient than wires. I even have a Qi charging station in my car that eliminate the need for wires to charge over long journeys.

    1. First of all, this is speculation. Second of all… any new iPhone will need a new case anyhow. Third, Apple could be going with a magsafe port instead ( we’ll see )

      1. When it comes from this source, it’s a bit more than speculation. Still rumor, though. I expect to get a new case with the new phone, but I will still want a wallet case. I’ve given up carrying a separate wallet and I’m not going back!

  3. What will happen for all the “WIRED” CarPlay installed in all the car, if next year iPhones will be without USB-Lightning Cable? Will we be obliged to change our car for a new model with CarPlay Wireless? And to the people that will suggest to buy a dongle USB-Carplay Wireless, do they know that only certain Car model are supported, because it depends by the Navigator Monitors dimensions?

  4. Bad idea, Apple. You are not thinking this through considering all the numerous negative ramifications expertly posted here.

    I was hoping when Jony left the takeaway useful features, ports and expansion would finally END.

    Guess not…👎🏻

  5. I did have to smile at the idea that removing functionality will enable Apple to increase the selling price of the phones. One hopes there will be something in its place that warrants that price increase though if it’s just something wireless to enable the same performance as the present wired version now I still wonder how appealing that will be to many a potential buyer.

  6. Assuming that wireless charging becomes very widespread, I could see how a low end cheap phone wouldn’t have a lightning port, but the larger more expensive ones WOULD still have ports. Buying the cheaper one means you know that you’re getting less, but that’s because you’re paying less. And it becomes the port-less wonder that Steve always wanted!

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