Apple threatens to pull out of Russia market over new law forcing installation of Russian software

Nica Osorio for International Business Times:

Russian President Vladimir Putin [has] signed new legislation requiring all computers, smartphones, and smart TVs sold in Russia to be released with pre-installed Russian software, Reuters reports. The authors of the latest Russian law claim that it will help the country’s developers to compete with foreign tech companies. However, for the Cupertino-based tech titan, the new law is equivalent to jailbreaking.

The new law will be in effect starting Jul. 1, 2020… the new law triggered fears that Russia could utilize the pre-installed software as a means to spay on its citizens. At this point, it is not yet clear how other tech and electronic firms would react to the latest legislation. Apple has already stated that it will pull out of the Russian market if the country would launch a total ban on selling its products without the pre-installed Russian software, according to Russian media earlier this year.

MacDailyNews Take: The new Russian law include smartphones, computers, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, and other electronic devices. Apple – and every other company with a backbone – should pull out of Russia until this law is rescinded. It’ll take about a day for Russian consumers to revolt over having only absolute crap phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, etc. available to them. Putin et al. need to lay off the vodka.


  1. Apple pull out of that worthless country, and diversify where you manufacture your devices (take 2/3’s out of China), 34-40 billion in profit per year spends just as well as the current 50-56 billion per year….16 billion dollars equals 450,000 thousand workers at 35,555 thousand dollars per year……. Also all that stock buyback money (200 billion out 300 billion) could have been put to good use (flushed down the drain to WS instead).

  2. The irony of this Russian brouhaha!!! Former CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)
    employee-whistleblower Edward Snowden was granted asylum in Russia while being pursued by U.S. officials for exposing NSA’s (National Security Agency) snooping on american citizens.

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