16 inch MacBook Pro vs iMac Pro – Video Editing Comparison

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is the world’s best pro notebook.
Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro is the world’s best pro notebook.

YouTuber Max Yuryev:

Can the 2019 16-inch i9 5500M 8GB MacBook Pro stand up to the iMac Pro?

MacDailyNews Take: The 16-inch MacBook Pro is by far the most powerful notebook Apple has ever made.


  1. By far the best overall, perhaps. The welcome improvements (finally!) to keyboard, storage capacity, and battery capacity are all significant.

    Not by far the most powerful. The 2019 MacBook Pro offered 8-core Intel i9-9980 cpu as well. GPUs see only a modest bump in performance.

    Where the MacBooks Pros all fail, as Apple is wont to do, is offering the user the conveniences that are still standard in the industry. Repairability drops, again. Many features are missing. Why a “Pro” machine should ever come without an ethernet port, for example, is ridiculous. Safety features like Magsafe have been abandoned. Dongle hell remains strong. Apple gives (belatedly), but Apple also takes away (as soon as they can). Price remains very high.

    1. Have you been using a MacBook Pro the last three years. Oh, the horrors of the keyboard. What a crock. Mine is humming away and works fine. (2016 model). All the tech blog whining. How many times did your MacBook Pro fail? Do you have one? Did you switch to a different model? Was it so burdensome to put in an ethernet dongle into one of the four USB 3 ports. Do dongles make you quiver? Is the porridge too hot? too cold? Did you own any of “the last three years of bad choices?”

      1. I agree Michael. The problems of the butterfly keyboard came about due to dirt and dust. I got a keyboard cover when I got my 2015 MacBook. No problems. Others who let them hang out without a cover got household dust and spillage and got problems.

    2. Not 4K? Lots of 4K competition? Really? Well, Mike, I went looking at PC laptops touted as 4K UHD laptops and guess what I found? They are really 3840 x 2160 native resolution. They aren’t 4K either. They only approach 4K. The fact is that at laptop or even desk top viewing distances, there is no advantage to having a true 4K screen. The human eye cannot discern the difference. The Apple MacBook Pro, however, can natively output graphics to two 6K monitors simultaneously, or four 4K monitors simultaneously with different images on each screen. It would be on those screens where the resolution would be useful, not on the close up work on a laptop screen.

      You have to remember that commercial grade reference monitors for years have produced higher than screen resolution product on lower resolution monitors. Detail work can be zoomed in when needed.

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