iOS 13.2.2 kills battery life for some users

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes for ZDNet:

Apple’s iOS 13.2.2 update, which was pushed out to fix a bug that essentially broke multitasking on the iPhone and iPad, has itself bought a new and annoying bug to the iPhone.

A few hours after installing iOS 13.2.2, I noticed that battery life had gone from good to appalling. The initial iOS 13 release wasn’t too bad, but the iOS 13.1.2 release had a serious battery bug. While this bug was subsequently fixed, this latest release seems to bring back this bug. Battery life is now so bad that I can watch my battery life ticking down while I’m browsing the web, composing an email, or using Twitter.

MacDailyNews Take:


  1. I have to agree… I’m really sad I did the upgrade and would downgrade anytime. I love the dark feature but it’s just not worth the drained battery and the more annoying features like the Memojis… I mean most adults don’t want them and there are more users than 13 years olds Apple. Get a grip on the things you’re releasing and please let us just remove what we want to remove, like the favourites section in messages.. It’s space consuming and time consuming to reorganize the whole phone after an upgrade.
    I’m really upset about this and would love to downgrade, but they even hindered people on doing that, by not allowing a downgrade like previous versions did.

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