Video: Google’s Pixel 4 XL cracks under pressure

Google's Pixel 4 XL cracks under pressure
Google’s Pixel 4 XL cracks under pressure (image: JerryRigEverything via YouTube)

Google’s Pixel 4 XL has a fatal flaw that no amount of software patching can fix: It literally cracks under pressure.

Chris Smith for BGR:

We’ve come a long way from 2014, which is when early iPhone 6 buyers discovered an annoying problem. Apply enough pressure on those first-gen thin aluminum frames, and you could bend them without damaging the structure of the phone. Apple was quick to fix its “Bendgate” problem and made sure it never happened again.

But every new iPhone since the iPhone 6 was tested for bending problems, with YouTube channel JerryRigEverything being a constant source of durability tests for new devices. The same test is performed on every major new phone, and the Pixel 4 just received the same treatment.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s wholly unsurprising that a privacy-trampling ad-tracking company masquerading as a search engine is bad at hardware.

You don’t want a fake iPhone with dual cameras pretending to be three that cracks in your jeans pocket like the piece of junk it is.

You want a real iPhone.


    1. I owned an iPhone 6. Definitely not junk. In fact, it was the best money could buy in late 2014.

      Here is the thing: today isn’t late 2014. That’s why the problems with the Pixel 4 are so laughable.

      Pathetic battery life and complete lack of structural integrity are two show stoppers for one device. Anyone who buys a Pixel 4 is a fool.

  1. My illusions that the iPhone 11 was unbreakable were destroyed yesterday when I saw one with multiple cracks in the screen – because it had been screwed too tightly into a store display mount.

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