Disney CEO Bob Iger ‘not fixated’ on lower price of Apple TV+

Disney remains unconcerned about the lower price of competing streaming services, such as Apple’s forthcoming Apple TV+, says Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Kevin Stankiewicz for CNBC:

“We’re not really worried about competition in terms of pricing because we have such a unique product,” Iger said on The Exchange. “We’re very, very different than any other service that is out there,” Iger added, ticking off a litany of the content Disney+ will offer when it launches Nov. 12.

Those offerings “in one service, on one app” include new and existing TV shows and movies from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic and The Simpsons, Iger said.

Disney+ will cost $6.99 per month. Apple TV+, which will only have a handful of shows on its Nov. 1 launch, will cost $4.99 per month. Apple is offering a free year of Apple TV+ to customers who buy a Mac, iPhone or Apple TV… Iger’s comments on Tuesday came hours after Verizon announced that it will offer its customers a year of Disney+ for free.

MacDailyNews Take: Disney+ and Apple TV+ are additive services. Both are priced low enough as to not really matter to those who pay for over-the-top streaming services, given the value they each will deliver. You can have both Disney+ and Apple TV+ for a mere $11.98 per month or, in many cases, at least one of them for free!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m looking forward to Apple TV+, but you have to be kidding yourself to think that the services are equal, and that price is a deciding factor between similar products. Disney is entering the field with an enormous treasure trove of material, whose quality is generally way beyond that if Netflix. Their pricing is a steal at $6.99.

    1. Maybe not in th US. But rest of the world is another story. Netflix and Amazon Prime content is capped and heavily lacking in my country and outside of US in general. For me it makes no sense to pay for Prime video for sure cause its a joke compared to US prime. Apple iTunes movie store and TV app is heavily lacking compared to US too and is no better. I have to use VPN and separate US Apple ID and inconvinient method of buying iTunes gift cards from ebay to load $ to this account, because im a Apple fanbody and willing to go through this BS pushing money down Apple thoat. Nobody else i know watches apple tv, one reason is because the content is capped. Normal people get their Movies and TV series using other easier and sometimes free methods. Nobody gives a damn that some Apple TV or Amazon exec somewhere is their ivory tower is in love with restrictions and cutting content and creating a lackluster services to their imaginery customers. If Disney decides to go by the same (very american) path, it will be a lackluster and suck too. If Apple TV+ will be different, they have a chance at least among current Apple TV box owners. But i guess Apple descides to play safe and as they do now. Why sell to trillions if you can sell to millions.

    2. Given the rich history of Disney, it’s hard to imagine how the two services can be compared. Can you imagine if they’d join forces, though? That would be one incredible service!

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