Apple CEO Cook delivers keynote speech at Ceres awards gala; spells out Apple’s stance on climate change

William Feuer for CNBC:

Apple CEO Tim Cook says he’s taking on climate change and he wants backup.

Cook delivered the keynote speech at the sustainability nonprofit Ceres’ 30th Anniversary Gala in New York City on Monday night, where Apple received an award for its sustainability initiatives. Cook used the opportunity to expound the company’s outlook on climate change.

“It is our most successful, innovative and agile companies that have a responsibility to lead on climate and sustainability because they have the greatest capacity to act in a transformative way,” Cook said in the speech. “If you are an executive who has not developed an innovation strategy to address your impact on the climate, then you are failing in your duties as a leader.”

Cook said that the company runs its entire global operation on renewable energy, and now seeks to bring all of their suppliers onto the clean energy grid. ″…I have found that something slightly magical happens when you set goals that feel a bit crazy,” Cook said. “The effort will take you to places you didn’t anticipate, but the results are almost always better than what you thought was possible at the outset.”

He concluded his speech with a call to action for all those with power to take on climate change head on.

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