What is Tim Cook’s net worth?

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s net worth is a reported $625 million in 2019, based upon income earned through 2018. That said, it’s difficult to pinpoint Cook’s wealth figures on a rolling basis, as the most recent figures don’t account for the value of Cook’s properties or the value of stock options that the Apple CEO has coming to him, but are yet to be exercised.

Brian O’Connell for TheStreet:

Tim Cook net worth
Apple CEO Tim Cook
By 2019, Tim Cook was earning a $15.6 million yearly compensation package at Apple, with $3 million earned as salary and $12 million earned in bonuses. If you count the shares of stock Cook sold, his income for the year, his income would be tens of millions of dollars higher. But that massive increase in personal wealth doesn’t seem to matter all that much to Cook…

In the last several years, Cook has donated over 23,000 shares of Apple stock to charity. Unmarried and with no children, Cook has already said he wants to leave all of his money to charity after he’s gone. That may be the biggest legacy of all for Tim Cook – a man who earned hundreds of millions of dollars, but would rather give it away than keep it.

MacDailyNews Take: Soon, Tim Cook’s net worth will eclipse $1 billion.

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me. — Steve Jobs


  1. I would do Timmy’s job as good as he has for half the compensation. So could thousands of other professionals.

    Using the cash wasted on Tim’s future career in gay pride and social justice charity funding, Apple users could have had affordable all new cutting edge Mac Pro every 4 years, state of the art Airports, and iWork apps that really work, ….

    Corporate executives in your country are a disgrace. Modern feudalism. Apple is just another self-serving corporation now.

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