CNET: Apple continues to impress with updates to Maps

Apple is rolling out new Maps with richer details and better road coverage.
Apple is rolling out new Maps with richer details and better road coverage.

Jason Cipriani for CNET:

With iOS 13 and iPadOS, Apple has upped its Maps game by adding new features and tweaking the overall look.

You can now share your ETA with any contact in your phone, keeping them up to date on your exact ETA… This has to be one of the more useful features added to Apple in recent memory. As of iOS 13.1, you can share your estimated time of arrival with a friend through SMS or iMessage when you’re using Apple Maps navigation. Here’s how:

1. Start Apple Maps navigation, getting turn-by-turn directions to a location.
2. When viewing current directions, swipe up on the bottom of the area that displays your arrival time and shows the end button.
3. Tap the Share ETA button.
4. Select the contact or contacts you want to share with.

When Apple Maps sends a message, it will read something similar to this: “I started sharing my ETA with you in Apple Maps: arriving at Pepsi Center around 10:44 AM. I’ll let you know if I’m running late.”

Indeed, if you get slowed down by traffic, or take a detour, Apple Maps will send another message letting the person know you’re running behind and the new estimated time of arrival.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Maps is our go-to mapping application. We only wish we could grab anywhere along the selected route and change it. That’s the only feature we miss from Google Maps.


    1. You could add multiple waypoints on my old Route66 app on my Mac back in the 90’s. This is such a poor omission from Apple and so basic. I’m really glad Maps is much improved, I try to use it most of the time, but still very disappointing. Keep putting the effort in, Apple!

  1. Slow Timmy strikes again. This modest change to Maps is way too little, way too late. Apple doesn’t seem to understand how users actually use mapping software, they’re just chasing the competition.

    Messages is the new iTunes. Apple thinks every other app needs to be tied into Messages. Whatever. Some people don’t need automated progress reports during every step of travel. I see this as clutter that I won’t likely ever want to use. What’s next, the ability to drop emojis all over your map before you post your daily commute route to instagram?

    I also fail to see why cluttering the display with 3D renderings of buildings improves navigation. Shouldn’t that be a user-selected view on a separate page? It looks like a dumbed down Satellite view. Map view is just fine for most of us. Satellite view or Apple dumbed-down satellite outline view isn’t useful when in motion, as far as i can tell. If you really do want satellite view, then you want all the detail, not just Apple’s outlines. Can someone explain Apple’s “neither fish nor fowl” design choice here?

    In addition to lacking waypoints, multimode travel, details on non-motorized trails and bike paths, and immediate simple user-friendly rerouting, Apple also is light years behind on street view (“Look Around” in Applespeak) . Maybe someday Apple will offer it outside of San Francisco.

    I am not impressed with user interactions on Apple Maps either. Many apps cry out for an always-visible toolbar. This is one of them.

    If you hate Google as I do, you can navigate nicely using Wego Here or Mapquest, each one is as good or better than Apple Maps IMHO. Apple isn’t moving the needle much with this latest iteration of one of its hobbies.

    1. If I give you 3 addresses for an upcoming errand run, can Apple Maps route the quickest route to them all? No.

      You could do that decades ago on other better mapping software. WTF Apple!

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