Apple’s iPadOS upgrades Safari to desktop-class browsing, and now I love my iPad

Stephen Shankland for CNET:

A single feature has dramatically improved my iPad: desktop Safari. By making the tablet’s web browser behave mostly like the one you’d use on personal computers running MacOS or Windows, desktop Safari upgraded my iPad into a much more productive mini laptop.

How? In short, by leaving behind the constraints of stripped-down mobile apps in favor of fuller-featured web apps… When pairing an iPad with an external keyboard, you can get almost as much done with desktop Safari as you can with a laptop…

Happily, Apple has brought keyboards to lower-end iPads, including the $329 new entry-level iPad. And you can buy third-party keyboards from companies like Brydge, Logitech and Zagg.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, the main issue with iPad remains text selection. If only text selection on iPad were as precise as it is on Mac (or even close to it)! That seemingly simple issue (which is obviously not simple since text selection remains hit-or-miss nearly a decade after iPad debuted) is what keeps us buying and toting MacBooks along with our iPad Pro units while on the go.


  1. MDN, you know what makes text selection great? A trackpad or mouse! Like the ones Apple said they were going to support in iOS13 / iPad or for “Accessibility reasons” only. Why not allow them to be used as pointer devices for niche cases like apps that want to expose mouse support (remote desktop etc) or apps where text selection is used alot ? I read alot of users comments on this very site that want this feature.

  2. MDN copy and paste what other people have written, so maybe that’s why they need this feature more than most. Even if it isn’t real, worthy Apple news they just go right in there and copy and paste shit articles into their feed.

    I am going to install iOS 13 tomorrow, and I am going to to stick to only reading my Apple news at AppleInsider and would like to welcome you all to join us there. (No copy and paste needed).


  3. At least on my iPad 6th Gen I have not been impressed with iPadOS in the least. Safari desktop feature does not fix much in my opinion and in some ways creates other rendering issues with some web sites. I have more issues with Safari now, then with IOS 12 Safari.. I finally switch off the request desktop view automatically. The RAM management is atrocious with the iPad which just seems like Apple trowing a bandaid on a OS that is becoming too bloated for the hardware.

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