Check out these 150 Siri Shortcuts to use with iOS 13

Matthew Cassinelli:

Now that Apple has officially released iOS 13 to the public, I am excited to share my personal library of 150+ custom Siri Shortcuts for everyone to add and use.

I’ve worked countless hours this summer building up a database of my shortcuts, giving each shortcut a description and explanation of how I use it. These are saved inside each shortcut in Comment actions as well, so you can still reference the intended use after adding it to your Shortcuts app.

This update for Siri Shortcuts feels like the moment that the rocket ship is truly taking off.

With iOS 13, Shortcuts is installed by default on every device – hundreds of millions of people will inevitably use this app now. The actions in Shortcuts have also been redesigned to read in plain language, clarifying the connections between actions and showing how they work together as each one is added – what was previously somewhat obtuse is now very clear.

When iOS 13.1 drops, Siri Shortcuts work on iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch, HomePod, and CarPlay. That release also add support for Automations, triggering notifications for your shortcuts from a variety of contexts. Now almost everything you do with your phone can be run on a schedule, in reaction to changes from your device, and even in response the real world – NFC tags can be used to fire off Siri Shortcuts automatically.

And as developers adopt the new Siri Shortcuts APIs, any functionality that can be built into an app can be extended out via Shortcuts as an action. All of these app shortcuts will work entirely from Siri, they can accept and receive batches of information at once, and they can all hook into each other to created a chained workflow of operations for every need you can think of.

I firmly believe this is the most ambitious update to iOS since perhaps the redesign of iOS 7…

I am also live-streaming today at 4:00 PM PST on YouTube to cover all these Siri Shortcuts updates and give examples from my Shortcuts Library, so tune in and I’ll summarize this whole thing in one go:

MacDailyNews Take: Don’t look now, but Siri really is waking up from a Van Winkle-esque period of dormancy and becoming much more useful and capable!

Fire up your Shortcuts app and make Siri do cool things for you! And see apps that support Siri Shortcuts here.

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