Apple: 75% of Apple Watch buyers haven’t owned a previous model

Apple Watch Series 5 comes in a new case material made of titanium.
Apple Watch Series 5 comes in a new case material made of titanium.

Todd Haselton for CNBC:

I’ve been testing the new $399 Apple Watch Series 5, which launches this Friday. I’ve been testing it for a week, and while it offers marginal upgrades over last year’s model, it’s the new one everyone should buy.

Apple has said that 75% of Apple Watch buyers haven’t owned a previous model. So, unlike iPhones, the story isn’t about whether people should upgrade from last year’s model. It’s about whether there’s enough here to continue to attract folks to the Apple Watch.

The new Series 5 model will help Apple’s wearables business, with a new always-on display that will attract a lot of people, and a compass that can help you find your way around.

I’m making the upgrade because I like the always-on display and the compass for navigating around the city. Some people won’t care about that.

If the $399 starting price is too high, consider the Apple Watch Series 3. It’s not as fast as the Series 5 and lacks some features, but it starts at just $199. That’s a great way to see if the Apple Watch works for you and, if you dig it, you can buy next year’s model.

MacDailyNews Take: If you haven’t yet tried your first Apple Watch, the Series 3 is a good way to “trial” the AW experience, but, trust us, you’ll want the Series 5 rather quickly. The jump between displays from the Series 3 to the Series 5 is worth the price of admission!

[Attribution: Apple World Daily. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. If you’re a first time buyer like 75% of buyers, don’t waste your time on Series 3 or any other Series 0-4. The Series 5 is a game changer that you’ll be glad you started with. If you’re not a runner, get the Aluminum 44mm GPS Only model for only $429 or less if you’re clever about where you buy it from. Perpetual communication with the iPhone via Bluetooth 5 and WiFi removes the need for a watch cellular connection.

  2. I’d love to hear Apple’s reason for not allowing the AppleWatch be supported by any other device except the iPhone. It just seems as though Apple is limiting AppleWatch sales with this iPhone only restriction. I realize almost anyone can purchase an older iPhone just to use an AppleWatch, but Apple should at least allow an iPod Touch or iPad Pro just to give a bit more leeway.

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