First unboxing videos of Apple Watch Series 5 with Always-On Retina display, Compass, and more

The Meridian face is new to watchOS 6.
The Meridian face is new to watchOS 6.

Chance Miller for 9to5Mac:

Apple Watch Series 5 isn’t slated to become available until Friday, but a pair of users have seemingly gotten their hands on the device ahead of time. Two new videos posted to YouTube today offer a closer look at the Apple Watch Series 5 in aluminum ahead of Friday’s release.

The first video appears to show the Apple Watch Series 5 in silver aluminum, paired with a Milanese Loop… Meanwhile, a separate new video out of Italy offers another hands-on look at the Apple Watch Series 5 in aluminum. This video offers a look at the new Meridian watch face with the always-on display.

MacDailyNews Take: Lucky bastages! Apple Watch Series 5 preorderers, which model and how’s your shipping date?


  1. Series 5 44mm Gold Aluminum GPS only with Pink Sand Band, cause that’s the only band third party Apple dealers can sell it with. No word on shipping date but it should ship to me in CA from MD Friday. I already have a nice Cape Cod Blue Sport Loop I got on Amazon for $10 exactly same quality as Apple sells.

  2. Please don’t come unhinged irrational fanboys…

    Though my impressions are only from digital images, the “always on” screen seems cheesy/cheap. It’s like the sticker image sometimes used in retail sales for watches and other items with screens.

    There’s absolutely no richness. And no, I’m not saying it doesn’t serve a purpose…it’s an aesthetic opinion.

    1. Don’t bother flaming the troll. Veteran Apple fans have had decades of experience with far more accomplished trolls than “Ronner.” If he wants to make inane comments based on a on image of a display, then let him.

  3. I like my Series 3 (38mm) Space Gray aluminum GPS-only, because it’s the last model that works with old my iPhone 5S. And it’s smaller size. It’s still in current lineup at $199 retail, less than half price of lowest cost Series 5. I use it mostly to track my running, where it’s also convenient as remote control for audio playback and the camera on my iPhone. And showing me the time, of course 🙂

  4. Troll:

    1.a person who makes a deliberately offensive or provocative online post.

    No, you’ve got the wrong guy there Mr. Ona Throne. I know it’s always easy to throw out a name-bomb rather than offer a thoughtful response.

    Unless you’re the fortunate guy to have made the video, few have seen the AWatch in person. Also, few have seen the iPhone 11 in person, but the lens group has been mostly castigated. I responded to images just like many responding to the lenses.

    It’s hardly a stretch to say that the conversation about the notch went on for weeks before anyone saw the phone face-to-face, so you really can’t say that images don’t have value and making a critical decision do you?

    Images have value…they can provide a truthful notion.

  5. I was on design team that acquired this tech. It was alien tech that we received as part of a deal signed by Eisenhower. You would be blown away if you saw the full tech that aliens use for smartwatches

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