What’s Apple saving for iOS 13.1?

Apple has announced improvements and new features iPhone and iPad that will not be included in their iOS 13 release this week. Most are coming in the next update, iOS 13.1.

William Gallagher for AppleInsider:

Because of the public beta for that iOS 13.1 being available, we can be reasonable sure what will be in it when its officially released on September 30.

So the iOS 13 we all get on September 19 is most of the new software, and the iOS 13.1 that drops on September 30, is the rest of it.

By next month, we’ll have forgotten this and will all be on the complete iOS 13. Until then, though, this is what will still have to wait for after this week.

MacDailyNews Take: While we’ll miss Share ETA and other additions and refinements, we think that even we will manage to wait 11 days for them!


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