Jim Cramer: Expectations are ludicrously low heading into Apple’s special event today

Daniel Kuhn and Jim Cramer for TheStreet:

Wall Street is expecting a slew of new product announcements from Apple when the smartphone maker kicks off its “By Innovation Only” event in Cupertino on Tuesday, September 10.

Most importantly, investors will be closely watching the expected reveal of new iPhones. Apple is expected to launch 6.5-inch and 5.8-inch flagship iPhones sporting OLED displays, along with a 6.1-inch iPhone sporting an LCD display.

Recently, interest in the iPhone has been fading with greater emphasis put on Apple’s other products and services.

I’m a huge believer in Apple entertainment. They have enough firepower to do whatever they want. If they want to put $15 billion in entertainment, [it’s] not a problem. There’s no way that NBC [etc.] can keep up. — Jim Cramer

MacDailyNews Take: Yup, if we do say so ourselves:

Those who can wrap their heads around Apple’s massive cash mountain and the company’s unparalleled ability to generate cash can clearly see who the winner will be. The most talented producers, writers, directors, editors, actors, etc. are attracted to exactly what Apple has and makes in vast abundance: Cash. The king.

Like bears to honey, it’s happening already.MacDailyNews, January 3, 2018

Apple has the money required to catch up and even surpass all competitors very quickly and they can accomplish it without buying a studio or even production companies.MacDailyNews, April 3, 2018


  1. Throwing money at a project does not always produce the hoped for results. How many times have M$ poured money into a venture and lost everything and more?
    Apple’s greatest skill is looking at a market and understanding where competitors go wrong. If they can bring their know how to solving issues that prevent customers from really embracing the product then they will be successful.
    To be honest I’m not yet convinced the Apple know what to do with TV entertainment. I like the AppleTV but it is still limited. The new programming will be interesting but the price will dictate if I try it out. Anything over $10 will be excessive to me.

  2. After wasting time viewing the keynote, I can report that the low expectations are completely justified. The most exciting thing I saw was a new USB-C 18 watt charger that comes with the new iPhones. What took so long with that????

    Key takeaways: Apple is all about fashion, hardware, software, S U B S C R I P T I O N S E R V I C E S , and architecture. No clear mission anymore.

    Don’t replace your SLR camera with a $1200 tri-lens iPhone, you prospective new photographers. Mainstream smartphone users – what does the new one do that an old iPhone 8 cannot? Blurry background photos of your furry friend? Yay. It will take money out of your wallet at an impressive rate. Oh, and more fashion push. New colors and cases.

    Watch lovers – good, you should be happy. Your display will always be on. Apple does its usual hype for health & fitness, next…..

    iPhone SE lovers: yeah, Apple doesn’t care about you.

    MacBook Pro 16″ rumors: Timmy’s pipeline is still very constipated. Not a single bit of news for Mac users.

    iPad: 3 year old processor for less money. Okay.

    But you can spend money every month to play games and watch video!

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