Apple launches all-new Apple Music web app, now in public beta

Apple Music today officially arrived on the web, albeit in public beta, currently.

Sarah Perez for TechCrunch:

Apple today is launching a public beta of its popular music streaming service on the web, which will be available to all Apple Music subscribers worldwide. This is the first time that Apple Music has been officially offered on the web, though an unofficial app over the past few months has gained attention after attracting hundreds of thousands of users.

At launch, the service includes many core features, like searching and playing songs from the Apple Music catalog, searching and playing songs from your library (if Sync Library is enabled), accessing your playlists and more.

All the main sections from the Apple Music app will also be available, including Library, Search, For You, Browse and Radio. Other features will roll out over time as the service is further developed.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, finally! And, it works, with all of our playlists, etc. available in Safari once we’ve signed into our account.

Apple Music subscribers can test out the public beta here:

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  1. Every time I go to use the iCloud web interface in Safari I have to sign in, then get the authentication code (on my other devices AND the Mac I’m using, which makes no sense). I enter the code, choose Trust This Browser and I’m in.

    If I go to use it a day or two later, the entire process repeats itself. Not really sure why….

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