Cases show iPhone 11 design, including new position of Apple logo

Benjamin Mayo for 9to5Mac:

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro lineup is set to be revealed in a week and a half, and naturally, we mostly know what to expect: a big focus on camera improvements thanks to the new triple-camera system.

Whilst the shape of the overall chassis is not changing, we are expecting some tweaks to the back of the phone. This obviously includes the bigger square camera protrusion, but also some new color options and matte glass instead of glossy finishes. Photos posted to Slashleaks show another small design change: the Apple logo has been moved downwards and is now centered vertically and horizontally.

MacDailyNews Take: It makes sense to move the logo to balance out with that new, larger camera system up there!


    1. Without moving the logo it would have looked too crowded and crammed with the large square camera housing..
      By moving the logo they have brought some more balance to the layout.

      To me it matters.

  1. Three “eyes” turn me off. I am sure the fiction they will bring will be sublime.

    I just feel odd about it.

    At some point it will start looking like a spider. I don’t mind the lenses, I think they have to put them under a more sleek design. I agree that it looks too top heavy or unbalanced.

  2. First glance reaction to camera layout — bug eyes. Certainly off balance design and as annoying as the “the notch.” Why this is so difficult for the greatest industrial designer of all time, not to come up with a cleaner symmetrical designer solution is head scratcher…

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