U.S. futures, Apple shares jump after President Trump says China wants to restart trade talks

U.S. futures surged on Wall Street on Monday after U.S. President Donald Trump said China wanted to reopen trade talks.


Speaking at the G7 summit in Biarritz, France, on Monday, Trump said that he had received two phone calls from Chinese officials over the weekend urging new talks. “This is the first time I’ve seen them where they really do want to make a deal, and I think that’s a very positive step,” Trump said…

Nasdaq 100 futures rose 60 points or 0.8% by 6:40 AM ET (10:40 GMT), while Dow Jones 30 Futures gained 163 points or 0.6% and S&P 500 futures were up 13 points or 0.5%. Technology stocks surged, with Apple up 2.1%, Advanced Micro Devices rising 3.3% and Tesla jumping 1.7%.

MacDailyNews Take: The never-ending rollercoaster ride continues!


  1. check the latest (i.e. 10 minutes) business news. the chinese are reporting there has been no offer or change in their position. they will be announcing a new round of sanctions/tariffs on u.s. products. donny-boy is lying to everyone about the chinese saying they want to get back to the table. sorry guys, it’s just one more of his made-up stories. and the market is too stupid to figure it out. or maybe the market players know and they are just waiting for the suckers to buy in while they short it. it’s an easy way to make a living. the gullible are so much fun.

      1. Trump pulls so much out of his ass, do you honestly think his radical approach to diplomacy—to put it extremely politely—is achieving the reactions that America wants? China hasn’t given up anything. Apple still relies entirely on China. So does every large corporation, and hence every mainstream consumer.

        Americans still wait for a win, any win. There are no treaties, deals or anything for Trump or his followers to brag about. All he can do is wrap himself more tightly in the flag and question the patriotism of everyone else. Won’t you sacrifice for his bad strategy?

        Americans deserve better. Looks like the dealmaker is getting lapped whenever the real world collides with his bizarre worldview. The denial of reality is not only dangerous, it is setting up the US for certain decline in the future as debts spiral. Yet the one most responsible to properly manage affairs isn’t even good at golf, let alone management. He takes no responsibility for anything. His attention span lasts minutes. When proven wrong, he persists in choosing badly. His answers when confronted with facts exposing his charade: distract, deny, lie. Tweet incessantly to keep his blind sheep entertained while the world economy crumbles.

        I await some proof otherwise. The lie counters for Trump are in unprecedented territory and the clock for him to deliver real results to benefit his constituents is almost expired. Why are there any fans of a dictatorial-acting blowhard left? Don’t you want logical, principled, fact based efficient leadership without division and drama? Once again: Americans deserve better.

        1. As in Hillary, Bernie or your pick from any of these Socialist fools? My gawd. Like I said…reality is hard, especially after enduring several years of sanctimonious preening.

  2. So.. let me get this straight. A man who has lied literally more than 13,000 times in 2 1/2 years and has been countered by the other party is NOW to be believed? Right. Bullshit. Like literally EVERYTHING Trump says. He has zero credibility now.

        1. We are not desperate, we are ecstatic. Americans are tired of liberal bullshit and your stupidity has insured a Trump win in 2020. Thank you, libturds!!!

          I didnt call PR an idiot as in insult, I did it as a public service, since idiots are too stupid to know that they are stupid. Someone has to tell them.

          1. Most kindergartens teach that if you don’t have something factual and relevant to the conversation, it’s best to remain silent.

            Sorry your education didn’t get you past that level of common civility, Dd.

            1. Dd proves with every post what an uncivil person he is. Unable to defend his extreme political opinions with words of his own or references of any kind, he resorts to pathetic insults.

              America will never be great as long as his ilk destroy civilized public discussion.

              Divided we fall. Dd isn’t a uniter, and neither is Trump.

      1. It’s remarkable how the feeble minded among us resort to ad hominem attacks and weak insults rather than a well reasoned and structured argument. The good news is that if they exhibit this lack of intelligence and analysis in this, the most casual of environments, we can be sure they do other stupid things and will die off sooner than later. Mr. Trump, throughout his entire life.. literally from birth has lived an enormous lie, It’s not suprising in the least that the falsity with which he has built every aspect of his life, is reflected in his speech, his diet, his wives, his statements, his hair.. every molecule of his existence is fake. Nothing about him is sincere or genuine. Nothing. If you disagree (and I’m sure you do).. prove it. Don’t just mindlessly attack like your Dear Leader.. prove it.

          1. As I said. Trump supporters simply lack the intellect to offer an intelligent response. Thanks for proving my point. Clearly DD stands for Dim Dumbshit.
            I’m happy to see you PROVE Trump is the leader he claims to be. He has accomplished virtually NOTHING he was not handed by Obama. Prove me wrong. Don’t insult.. that’s obviously pointless. Fools like you just make me laugh.

    1. Obama’s Legacy to me… That lying PoS me, myself, I, Mr. Selfie himself, who went around this nation saying I can keep my doctor, I can keep my plan, families can save. Reality, for me, the insurance I obtained before Obamacare, that covered me even with my preexisting condition and I obtained without the aid of your precious Obama or the Federal government, pulled out of my state due to Obamacare. So, I lost my plan of 12 years, I lost my primary care doctor of 12 years and I lost my preexisting specialist doctor of 30 years because the new Obamacare insurance didn’t cover his medical group. I could still see that doctor but I would have to pay out of pocket full price plus my outrageously priced monthly Obamacare premium, as that Obamacare BS offered no assistance. Not to mention that my monthly Obamacare premiums increased to over 100% by the start of the 4th year and I was priced out of Obamacare. Now that Obama ass and his degenerates at the IRS want to fine me because I can no longer afford the garbage Obama created and was pedaling. Are you Effing kidding me?!? I obtained insurance that is actually “Affordable”, right ACA, that doesn’t need to be subsidized, however, my preexisting condition is no longer covered. Thanks shthead Obama. Thanks shthead racist American voters who gave America her first black president for the sake of having a first black president versus vetting the person running, but being black was how Obama got ahead in life. Remember, it was that brain tumored Ted Kennedy that was pushing Obama versus aligning himself with the Clintons. Kennedy probably wanted to try and atone himself to God for murdering Mary Jo Kopechne as that depraved Democrat’s existence was nearing its end.

      1. Nothing the size of a nations healthcare system changes quickly. The truth is that Obamacare never had a chance to be fully implemented. It was fought tooth and nail and blocked by Republicans on behalf of big Pharma and the AMA cabal. It could have worked and could have done everything Obama promised but was opposed by lobbyists out to keep the massive paychecks coming. Your personal fate is truly more the fault of Republican opposition. Always follow the money. It wasn’t Democrats cashing in.

  3. In the past it was random rumors about Apple’s performance that would send the stock up and down like a yo-yo. Now it is our beloved president who sends the market in different directions with every tweet or utterance.

  4. I can’t believe investors are so stupid as to continue trading on tweets alone. Well, I guess if one can make money from it, then why not? This nonsense must be great for hedge funds who have the cash to keep spending on tweets. It seems to me more like gambling than actual investing.

    1. The POTUS claims to have emergency powers to dictate company operations. He flips around on bans & tariffs by the day, threatening costs that could literally bankrupt many US companies. Most companies cannot redesign their supply chain as fast as Donald’s whims change.

      So yes, markets are going to churn until Congress reins in the tweetaholic.

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