Hackers release jailbreak for Apple’s iOS 12.4

Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, Vice:

Apple has mistakenly made it a bit easier to hack iPhone users who are on the latest version of its mobile operating system iOS by unpatching a vulnerability it had already fixed. Hackers quickly jumped on this over the weekend, and publicly released a jailbreak for current, up-to-date iPhones—the first free public jailbreak for a fully updated iPhone that’s been released in years.

Security researchers found this weekend that iOS 12.4, the latest version released in June, reintroduced a bug found by a Google hacker that was fixed in iOS 12.3. That means it’s currently relatively easy to not only jailbreak up to date iPhones, but also hack iPhone users, according to people who have studied the issue.

Pwn20wnd, a security researcher who develops iPhone jailbreaks, published a jailbreak for iOS 12.4 on Monday. For years, jailbreaks have been held closely to the chest by security researchers, because the ability to jailbreak an iPhone means the ability to hack it. As we’ve reported several times, exploits for the iPhone can sell for millions of dollars, which means that no one has been willing to release jailbreak code publicly because Apple will quickly patch it.

MacDailyNews Take: Countdown to iOS 12.4.1 begins now!


    1. Its called choice, something that Timmy doesn’t want YOU or any other iPhone user to have. ie: the choice to have a Doc, a semi transparent Doc, or no Doc, not JUST the Apple forced interface. Look at the Photos App, once we could put all kinds of our own photos on our bought and paid for iPhones, in any folder, called anything we chose. Now we/you all are stuck with what Apple for feeds you. Prais Gawd for Jailbreaking on the iPhone. Choice and customization, LIVE FREE!!

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