People are having nightmares about losing their AirPods

People’s Apple AirPods are invading their dreams and turning them into nightmares!

Karissa Bell for Mashable:

When most people think about stress dreams, AirPods are likely not what comes to mind. You might think about dreams of being chased or failing a test, both of which are common themes that have persisted across cultures and generations, according to researchers.

Our growing dependence on devices could be influencing our dreams, says Guy Leschziner, a neurologist, sleep physician, and author of The Nocturnal Brain. While scientists don’t fully understand why we dream, there is a strong connection between our dreams and our emotions, Leschziner explains… “The fact that people are now having dreams about losing their AirPods or losing their iPhones,” he said, “is perhaps reflective of the emotional investment that young people in particular have in their gadgets and the fact that it’s part and parcel of their own identity and part and parcel of their everyday lives.”

MacDailyNews Take: Life is short. Don’t stress over $159 (or less) earbuds.

That said, over the past year, our dreams have featured one or two fleeting appearances of losing our iPhone XS Max units to the bottom of an ocean or lake!


  1. I’ve often have nightmares of cracking the screen to my phone. Back in the day when it was my iPhone 5s And iPhone 4s, it was not only cracking the screen but also dropping it in the toilet.

  2. If you think that’s bad, I got a paper cut once. It really hurt!

    People having nightmares about losing their AirPods don’t have enough problems so they are searching for any form of aggravation to bring attention to their shallowness.
    Meanwhile, there are some actual things to worry about on this planet.

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