Why Apple Card is the ultimate credit card

Created by Apple and designed for iPhone, Apple Card brings together Apple’s hardware, software and services to transform the entire credit card experience.
Created by Apple and designed for iPhone, Apple Card brings together Apple’s hardware, software and services to transform the entire credit card experience.

Lance Ulanoff for Lifewire:

I can honestly say I was excited to sign up for the Apple Card, Apple’s first foray into the credit-based financial sector… Apple Card is the ultimate credit card, at least for Apple customers everywhere…

Apple does not expect most Apple Card users to use the titanium card; ordering it is optional (I ordered one). The reason the titanium card exists is for retail situations that still run primarily on physical credit cards: think your favorite restaurant that likes to spirit away your credit card to the back of the room and the local gas station where entire gas pumps would have to be replaced to support tap and pay…

The Daily Cash back automatically flows into your Apple Cash pre-paid card and then can be used like real cash wherever Apple Pay is accepted, or you can transfer it to a friend via iMessage, or even to your bank account (there is a 1% instant transfer fee, but it maxes out at $10).

It’s unlikely I’ll ever get rich this way, though. I did some quick math and found that my purchases were netting me approximately $1. On the other hand, it might make sense to shift some other recurring bills, like my Verizon Bill and maybe my mortgage, to the Apple Card. Now that would be some real Apple Cash.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple card is the best way to buy Apple products and services, with 3% cash back. We’re using Apple for every iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple accessory, Apple monthly subscription, etc. we can!


  1. Other than the 3% returned for Apple product purchases, I’m non-plussed. I don’t have credit issues, so some of the “related “rules and beni’s” don’t influence. Charging to transfer Apple cash to bank account (yeah I know–it’s only 1%)!

    1. That’s if you transfer it instantly. Similar to how Apple Cash works now, you can transfer it to a bank account next day for no fee. It sounds right in my head, but I could be wrong.

  2. Transferring an amount from Apple Cash to a bank account will not involve a fee if you are willing to wait a couple of business days for the transfer to go through. It’s the Instant Transfer option that has the fee.

  3. This is turning a termite hill into a mountain. Yes, AppleCard a nice credit card but it’s not going to change Apple’s fortunes significantly. People need to put this card into its proper perspective. Apple is still considered a hardware company and unless Apple can sell more hardware, nothing is going to change for the better. It’s not as though everyone in the U.S. is going to have an AppleCard to buy Apple products. Apple still needs to make its products more affordable to the mass of consumers and an AppleCard isn’t going to change that.

    Amazon has offered a credit card for a long time, plus it offers really good deals on products. Apple has a long way to go to get even close to Amazon. Jeff Bezos is far smarter and more aggressive than Tim Cook will ever be. Amazon will eventually be wealthier than Apple only because Jeff Bezos wants his company to dominate. Apple likely doesn’t care about dominating its own industry and Wall Street knows this. It’s just a shame how Apple could easily put all the pieces together and become a dominating company but doesn’t seem interested in doing so. Apple has a nickel-and-dime mentality and seems to actually be punishing loyal customers.

    I won’t likely be getting an AppleCard. It’s a nice-looking card, but I already have a couple of decent credit cards and they’re good enough. I’m not going to be buying enough Apple products to require an AppleCard as my Apple products always last me many years. Anyway, the AppleCard is nice for those who can get use out of it but It’s not going to be a game-changer for Apple who has far more problems than what an issued credit card can straighten out. As a long-term Apple shareholder, I just wonder why Apple didn’t offer its own credit card many years ago, especially when the iPhone was a really hot item. I mean, with all those retail stores Apple has, I would have thought it was a no-brainer. Apple has more reserve cash than most banks have.

    1. “Apple has a nickel-and-dime mentality and seems to actually be punishing loyal customers.”

      Exactly my thought!
      I (and many others) have been feeling this for the last few years particularly, which changed my image of Apple greatly.
      Not worthy of the company of Apple’s stature, particularly considering its DNA that we all admired.
      Apple Card? Not intersted in.

    2. Jeff Bezos is infinitely smarter than the one trick pony hack Tim Cook. As a result, the market gives Amazon a much higher stock multiple than Apple. Investors at Apple suffer tremendously with Cook at the helm. Sh!tcan Tim Cook and the stock will SOAR. Just like at Microsoft. Ballmer held that company back massively. He got sh!tcanned and now they are worth MORE than Apple.

      Sh!tcan Tim Cook and watch Apple soar!

  4. My roommate pays his rent to me using Apple Cash. If I use the free transfer to bank option in the morning, the cash arrives in my bank by the end of the same business day, otherwise, the cash arrives at my bank the following morning.

    It’s ridiculous to suggest paying one’s mortgage with a credit card. That’s called a cash advance, and the lender won’t allow that.

  5. Think of Apple’s past partnerships. They learn something, only to eventually present their own solution that launches them ahead of competition– often before the competition even realizes it’s happening. HP/iPod, iTunes/Motorala ROKR phone, Samsung and others/Apple processors, Intel/Modems. My suspicion is that this is all being set up to help customers finance their Apple vehicles without the need for a middleman. The Apple Card partnership will live on wonderfully, but the real bucks come from vehicle financing. Just a thought.

  6. I got the card 2 days ago. Amazingly quick and easy to get up, running and using as default card in less than 1 minute!!!! At about a minute I had it set up as my card to pay for all Apple products and services, as well as payment for transit.

    Anyone who thinks this is just a hobby or a minor business play is delusional. This an overnight rrobbery of other banks. They won’t know what hit them. One of the established rules of credit cards is that most customers pick a card and never change. So becoming the default card is everything. What Apple has done here is a game changer.

  7. It offers nothing that other cards (including 3 in my wallet) aren’t offering.

    It’s branded by Apple and is in reality from Golman Sachs, the folks that overbought you the 2007 recession.

    No thanks.

    1. The Federal Government brought you the recession thanks to meddling in the markets, including the Community Investment Act. If banks didn’t give out loans to people who couldn’t afford them, they’d be cited for discrimination. You can virtue signal all you’d like, but the Feds were the issue, not the banks.

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