CarPlay in iOS 13 is a big leap forward

Apple's CarPlay - Maps app
Apple’s CarPlay – Maps app

At WWDC 2019 in June, Apple announced that it would update CarPlay with the release of iOS 13 this fall – and it’s a big update!

John Voorhees for MacStories:

CarPlay fascinates me because it’s a relatively rare example of a successful Apple software product that isn’t tightly integrated with the company’s hardware. Of course, CarPlay runs from an iPhone, but it also relies on automaker media systems to deliver its experience to users in their cars. This lack of integration shows in cars with slower media systems; however, even when automakers’ hardware provides a subpar experience, CarPlay’s simplified but familiar interface and access to content already on users’ iPhones is superior. So much so in fact that Apple says CarPlay has managed to capture 90% of the new car market in the US and 75% worldwide.

CarPlay hasn’t changed much since it was introduced in 2014, but with iOS 13, iPhone users can look forward to not only significant improvements in its design, but a new app and other features that make this the biggest leap forward for CarPlay to date.

With iOS 13, CarPlay will get an update far beyond any of the tweaks it’s received in the past five years. In apps like Maps, which got a big update, and Calendar, which is brand new, you can see CarPlay adopting a new design language that’s a lot like what is currently used on the iPhone and iPad… There are still remnants of the old design in apps like Music, Messages, and Phone that I hope receive more complete refreshes in the future, but between Dashboard, Maps, and Calendar, the update has already significantly improved my CarPlay experience.

MacDailyNews Take: Many improvements are coming soon for CarPlay users!


  1. The thing that bugged me with CarPlay is that when the phone that its connected to is used for something other than maps, the screen in the car switches off from Maps. Makes the connected phone unusable for anything other than directions which is annoying if the passenger phone is the one that is connected.

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